DNA Activation & Rejuvenation

The focus of the deeper WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment class is to relax deeper into our body and release the fear of change that every human being carries in their DNA.

There are currently two types of deeper courses with Andrew Fretwell
The Inner Alchemy DNA Activation & Rejuvenation and Ancestral Healing

If you’re taking the deeper courses with Andrew then at some stage you will most likely go on to teach others WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment. So this deeper class is a chance to experience your amazing body and its wisdom, to understand that life is to be enjoyed and that all of life including human consciousness is evolving.

Some of the topics covered on the deeper courses with Andrew.

Using the inhalation to relax deeply into the earth
What is Healing / Evolution?
Connecting with the 5 Types of Ancestors and their gifts
Opening the 5 thrusting channels in the body
Fusing the 5 jing shen ( body spirits) intelligences during WuJi Gong
Using the 5 directions to integrate and balance different aspects of your personality
Harmonizing the relationship between your feminine and masculine bloodlines
Sexual alchemy of the water and fire in the WuJi form
Releasing the stress response in the body and resting deeply into the earth.
The relationship of trust to the enjoyment of life in the here and now
How deep trust automatically leads to calm and balanced vitality without the need to push life.

WuJi Gong teachers all carry a relaxed attitude towards life. Relaxation and enjoyment of life is the gift you offer.

The  5 Types of Ancestors  carried in your blood

So we have 5 types of ancestors related to the 5 directions and 5 elements of nature

Below I give you an outline of each type of ancestor and their gifts to you right now

(IMPORTANT to understand – that in your DNA is all the memory of all of life since the big bang. Right here, right now, you just need to open to it right now

Ritual is great for that and WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment is the ultimate unconditional love ritual.

North Direction – Kidney – Water Element
In your bloodline you carry many ancestors who were experts at survival, hunters and warriors who fearlessly took care of the tribe and family. If you feel weak willed or not able to face life as a game to be played with full capacity ask these ancestors to assist you develop your fearless warrior who can handle anything life throws at you.Especially powerful when your facing the north in WuJi Gong and also when your back, Kidneys are facing the north. Feel these ancestors at your back giving you courage and will power and let your kidneys resonate .

East Direction – Liver – Wood Element
In your bloodline and DNA you carry many ancestors who were experts at business, growing, guiding and managing people and organization’s. Merchants and entrepreneurs who could effortlessly have a vision of what was required for a business or organization to sustain itself and at same time feed itself so it could grow effortlessly.. If its difficult for you to have a vision for your life to put into action the hearts longing then you can ask these ancestors for their wisdom. Especially powerful when facing the east and connecting with the right thrusting channel.

South Direction- Heart – Fire Element
In your bloodline and DNA you carry many ancestors who were connected directly to spirit, shamans, priests, teachers, Taoist Immortals and adepts of our lineage.. These great beings knew intuitively the purpose of human life, were connected directly with their purpose and could guide others to do the same. They knew how to cultivate themselves and how to integrate this into daily life. they new how to truly enjoy life. If its difficult for you to connect with your inner guidance your intuitive knowing, to connect with your divine purpose. If its hard to truly enjoy this life connect with these ancestors and ask for their light and wisdom to enter your heart.

Especially powerful when facing the south or when you do the closing sequence of WuJi Gong because you activate all the glands in the body.The glands and hormonal system represent our connection to higher intuitive knowing. We just know

West Direction – Lungs – Metal Element
In your bloodline and DNA you carry many ancestors who were artists, musicians, painters and appreciated the abstract side of life. They truly knew how to be with pleasure and to enjoy the beauty of this world and they knew deeply how to relax how to reap the rewards of life how to receive.beauty into their hearts and lungs. They knew how to receive inspiration and transmit that into some type of art or expression. If you feel disconnected from your ability to relax, to feel fully and enjoy all the beauty in this world. If its hard for you to truly be in touch with your feelings and be honest, ask these ancestors for help to assist you in truly appreciating your beauty and strength.

Especially powerful when facing the West.

Center – Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas – Earth Element

In your bloodline and DNA you carry many ancestors who were experts at knowing the right time and the right place and how to apply the right action, who were very pragmatic and had an abundance of practicality and spontaneity, They knew how to call on the warrior or the shaman, they knew how much of the business mind or the enjoyment and abstract mind of each element to apply to any given situation and they could do this totally spontaneously with relaxation and seeming perfect timing. Balance and grounding is the key here if you are balanced then you intuitively know the right thing to do in each moment.

This element is integrated throughout WuJi Gong every-time we center and align with the ever present moment. In the end all the 4 previous ancestors and elements will be integrated and expressed through this center and your Yi your inner intention..

Can you feel how WuJi Gong offers this?

Enjoy this with Love Andrew Fretwell