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WuJi is a Chinese word that means: Emptiness, or Chaos or Supreme Unknown or Primordial.

WuJi  means the supreme ultimate. The state before Yin/Yang comes into being in the manifest world.

A Physicist would explain what came before the Big Bang that created this amazing universe they would describe this state as a “Singularity”

If we look at a human being energetically we have a core a center and we also have a right side and a left side and a front side and back side.

Right and left are representations of Yin and Yang expressed in the human body in the same way that front and back are also Yin and Yang expressed in the body.

This manifest world revolves around the play of these two forces Yin and Yang, a human beings physical body is a mirror for this as well.

By gently rocking in the form we start to balance our left and right and front and back parts of our body, as these come into balance the center starts to become more manifest.

Center not only means the physical center but also the source of life within us. The original energy, another word for this energy is Gods Unconditional Love. Love creates Yin and Yang and is the binding force of the whole universe.

The ultimate goal of practicing WuJi Gong and the goal of being a human being are identical.

 We all come to this physical world as an immortal spirit, we all come to complete something here, to contribute to physical life in some unique way. We can call this fulfilling your worldly destiny. We can either walk towards our destiny or ignore it.

Most suffering in this life is soul suffering because our unique soul has a purpose, how much do we contribute to more balance and harmony in the world through our own unique contribution? Apart from having a destiny that we have to complete in this material world all human beings have the same spiritual destiny, it’s to realize that we are more then just the physical body.

To integrate the love and virtues we develop here in this life and integrate that with our immortal self to create something new. The Taoists called this the Immortal Body.

Creating an immortal self that has complete freedom in all realms of existence. WuJi Gong is designed to unfold your unique worldly destiny and for everyone to realize their spiritual destiny. Enjoy the ride .

Andrew Fretwell