A World Wide Awakening !

Maybe you find it hard to believe all the claims about this amazing Qi Gong form.
Below are people who have freely agreed to make their experiences available to the world. They have graciously allowed their emails to be used so you can write directly to them and ask them to confirm all they have written here.

I did the weekend training in September 2009

“What amazes me is that what seems to be a simple form can make such an enormous change. And because it is easy and takes little time to do it’s really easy to fit into my everydaylife

On a physical level I feel more relaxed and at ease. On a emotional level I am so much better in communicating my needs and setting boundaries when that is needed. And sexually it has opened up a deeper intimacy and acces to more feeling and enjoyment with my husband. All this together makes me feel truly spiritual and alive.”

Marie-Louise Larsson, Age 44, Stockholm, Sweden – ml.larsson@telia.com


This form made my life easier.

“June 2008 I joined the first class of WuJi Gong in Denmark. Already doing three different forms I did not expect more than the usual.

But already during the class I felt something growing inside me. Having grasped the movements I decided to do it three times a day for a month. Already after three weeks

I found out this form really gave my body and soul more strength and relaxation at the same time, why I decided to join a teachers class. My health has improved, my spirit has grown much more positive, life is easier.

Steen Jensen, age 65, Frederiksberg, Denmark – steen@ceterisparibus.dk


Helped me loose weight

“I learnt WuJi Gong from Andrew two years ago, and have practiced it almost every day since then. It has a noticeable effect on me, giving me a greater sense of calmness and balance through the day.

One of the main effects I have noticed is that I feel less hungry, making it easy to lose weight! I also get a better night’s sleep. I would recommend it for everyone.”

Alison Airey, Age 36 Tokyo Japan – arisonairley@yahoo.com.au


This form Changed my Life!

“I have been practicing this form for 9 months. It changed my life almost immediately. When I heard about the ‘secret history / lineage’ I was very cynical. I thought more nonsense & mythology from the East, but this form is very special.

Once I grasped the basic movements & started practicing, I immediately felt a deep inner peace. I now practice this form twice a day.

In the morning to release energy, in the evening to relax before retiring.
This form has balanced my sexual energy profoundly. My lower body circulation has improved dramatically. It is truly special.

For anyone interested in cultivating energy, this form should be part of their daily practice.”

Zafrul Showeb Sattar, 30, London, UK – zafrul@tiscali.co.uk


More in Touch with my body!

“I have been doing WuJi Gong most days since I first learned it one and a half years ago. For me it is a quick and easy practice with many benefits.

When practising I direct the chi to different parts of my body and get an immediate effect. My sometimes stiff neck and shoulders become looser when I direct the chi there

After doing WuJi Gong my whole body feels looser and more relaxed.
What I also really like about WuJi Gong, particularly when I do it very slow, is that it helps me to ground and slow down internally.

So it really helps me to find inner peace and get me out of my head and more in touch with my body. And last but not least, I like to do the practice after lunch or dinner because I feel it helps my digestion..”

Jeroen Buis Age 45 Holland – buis_j@yahoo.com


I generally feel calmness and peace.

“My body feels fuzzier and fuzzier feel like dissolving into the surroundings. At the end of it, I lie down, sometimes emotion emerges from inside. Negative (like fear) and positive. I simply feel them. It’s like layers of me wanting to come out to reach the core kind of feeling.”

Shizuka Tsuchiya Age 43 Tokyo Japan – shizkat2@r3.dion.ne.jp

It’s a beautiful and unique experience.

“Each time I practice WuJi Gong. Let me share the way I felt last time: It was like drawing in the air some sort of “living mandala” (yes it was…) and feeling a vibrant resonance with the universe. Then the world around became silence and silence became gentleness as I started slowly to enter with gratitude in the density of the present time. Really unique…”

Wim Ellul, Age 34 Bordeaux France – ellulwim@yahoo.fr