WuJi Gong. The Greatest Spiritual Gift I ever Received

Hi this is Andrew Fretwell, I’m happy you found your way to this web site which is dedicated to the spread of WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment throughout the world.

A simple to learn 15 minute form of Living Qi Gong that gathers chi from the 5 sacred directions North, South, East and West and the Center. It allows this very balanced energy from the environment be integrated into the physical and energy bodies of anyone practicing the form.

What does a living form mean?

The uniqueness of the form is that it is a living form, when you practice it you receive the Qi (life force) of all the people who practiced it before you including the legendary founder and Tao immortal Chang San Feng who is credited with creating the form.

Chan San Feng is generally considered by most historians as the inventor of Tai Chi, originally developed for self defense, but few people are aware that he also created a form of movement also for freedom for being your natural self. In the east this as also called enlightenment but this term has not really been understood correctly.

To understand what freedom is being our natural self, we need to understand who we are as human beings.

We have an outer self, we can call this the personality, our body and how we perceive ourselves as a physical being. We then have as inner self our inner being, dreams, thoughts feelings and also the unconscious mind.

We then at the deepest level of our being have an original self
A self that is perfect that is without a sense of separation this original self sometimes called “The face before you were born” or “Original Spirit.”

Freedom what I also call Embodiment, is letting this original self express through all the other layers of our being so we unify all 3 aspects of ourselves in to one functioning whole. So we can believe very deeply we are all one but your partner of 15 years suddenly says something and you feel very separate very isolated and not at all in touch with this oneness. So in WuJi Gong courses I’m very clear that this is a process over time and it takes as much courage as patience to intergrate all of you.

WuJi Gong is designed to strengthen the connection to that original self so it starts to express in our actions, thoughts, feelings and way of being in the world. We start to make decisions that nourish the unfoldment of this original self and allows our outer personality become more and more an expression of it.

For my self I attribute this form not only with helping me become a better teacher but also the form itself has reveled many aspects of Taoist spiritual culture hidden within the form. All in all this form is the greatest spiritual gift I ever received in my life.

I have made a sincere inner commitment to myself to teach it to as many people as I can. Hence this web site and the world wide awakening of trained teachers globally.

You know in my life I have practiced many forms of mediation and yoga and Qi Gong and one of the things I have noticed is that when your using your own effort your experience can vary from day to day, so you can have an amazing meditation then the next day just average.

The one thing I have noticed with WuJi Gong is it always gives great results, a powerful experience of my inner being every time I practice it.

It also has a deeply healing effect on people that practice daily, it seems to magically give just what the person needs at that time in their life

I know with 100% certainty we all come to this small planet with a purpose and when we listen to and follow that purposes satisfaction just happens its absolutely guaranteed. I can guarantee you will NOT wake up in the morning and say to yourself

“There must be more to my life then this?” I’m hear to tell you with 100% certainty you can find your purpose and find a life of satisfaction and join the many who already have by adding WuJi Gong to your life.

We have to listen to our souls purpose, we have to get in touch with our inner guidance and contribute our unique gifts in the world we call this following your destiny. WuJi Gong helps your destiny unfold for you.
Also for people who are already on their path have found their destiny then WuJi Gong will just make that their experience and contribution richer, going much deeper and really brining out all their unique wisdom and potential. I have seen this unfold in my own life its quite a ride

I think the one thing that everyone experiences, is its centering and calming experience as it develops the deep peace of the true inner self.

Hard to believe right? You can read real experiences of people just like youhere

Andrew Fretwell Founder

Article by Senior Teacher of WuJi Gong Shashi Soluna

“When we investigate our nature, we come to the question of “Who Am I?” Upon reflection we may notice that there is an “I” beyond the identity, beyond the personality. This I is the universal self, Taoists call Wu Chi or Primordial. It is Source, our very nature. Yet the personality lives on! Even if we recognize a greater self, the smaller self of identity still exists. This is the great paradox of life. How can we be both One and Many simultaneously?”

“Our task here in the physical realm of manifest Being is to integrate. Can we integrate the divine into our day-to-day experience? Can we integrate spirit into matter? “

“For many people, their spiritual experiences feel separate from their everyday lives. They have a deep meditation experience on a retreat, but when back in the office it feels that it has gone! Taoism seeks to create integrity in every aspect of our life. When this happens we have the experience of fulfilling our destiny.”

In Taoism they see three realms of existence:
1. Form: this is the everyday life and physical world
2. Formless Form: this is our dreams and visions which have not yet come into being
3. Formless Formless: this is the divine…the source of all

“WuJi Gong is a practice that works to integrate source into self; spirit into matter; the divine into life. It helps us to live our day-to-day life guided by spirit, and thus fulfill our destiny. A simple and graceful qi gong form, this practice takes only 15 minutes, making it easy to keep up as a daily practice. “

“Most practitioners of this form experience an alignment in their lives between the spiritual and daily aspects. Significant co-incidences increase, giving one the feeling of flowing harmoniously with life and being divinely guided. One can more easily manifest ones dreams and visions into reality. A deep experience of integrity is experienced, and life becomes an effortless flow. Ma Prem Shashi Senior Teacher WuJi Gong