Hi this is Andrew Fretwell, I’m happy you found your way to this web site which is dedicated to the spread of WuJi Gong throughout the world. Please consider joining a “Worldwide Awakening”.


I was introduced to WuJi Gong by a fellow Taoist Universal Healing Tao Instructor Michael Winn, who in turn learnt it from Zhu Hui, a 80 year old former Tai Chi Sword Champion of China when he was a young man.

Zhu Hui attributes the form to curing him of liver cancer and protecting him during the Cultural Revolution. Zhu Hui had learnt it from a Taoist master Li Tong a 106 year old adept from Wu Dang Mountain.

Zhu Hui was the first person who began teaching the form to the general public up to that time it had only been taught in secret from master to student.

Li Tong told Zhu Hui that the WuJi Gong form was originally developed 800 years ago by Chang San Feng, a Taoist Immortal and founder of the original Tai Chi Chuan 13-movement form for self-defense

Few people are aware that Grand Master Chang San Feng also created a second short form that was designed for Enlightenment rather than self-defense. It was secretly practiced by a lineage of Taoist masters for the last 800 years. The name WuJi Gong translates as “Skill (Gong) at entering the Unknown or mystery. (WuJi)”