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A grounded 6 month deep dive into making your Soul a tangible embodied experience.

Imagine feeling within yourself a consistent connection to the deeper very high frequency dimensions within you! This inner true self is what is birthed inside your energy body and crystalized and given substance, in other words made real and tangible. This is the very first step in creating the Immortal body.

Traditionally this formula was called 
The Lesser Enlightenment of Water and Fire

160 Hours of Training over 6 months

2 - 3 Hours every week group mentoring

9 Weekends of 12 hour concentrated INNER ALCHEMY

This program is Limited to 10 full paying students

To interview and apply for the 2022 program please schedule a call with me at the link below

                                                           Value Exchange:  £5,000
                                            Payment plans are available, please discuss with me on our call.

Many paths teach enlightenment. Most of them start with trying to open the upper centers, third eye, or crown and teach how to become aware of the universal levels of spirit.

It is possible to do that, it is actually fairly easy to open the upper centers. To keep it open is a little more difficult. Many people can have a powerful experience, some vision or expanded feeling, and then find that next morning when they wake up that the expanded experience has gone away. Why?  What is working against you invisibly and unconsciously? What is stopping you from staying in that space, in that expanded experience?

This involves dealing with the rest of your being, the rest of your inner collective. The Taoist practices start with the so-called lower centers. They focus on building a very solid foundation in the lower cauldron, and actually having the experience of them being high spiritual centers from which you can function. Then you have a good foundation to connect to high levels of consciousness, and it becomes very easy to advance to the higher levels


This mentoring program results is a very real sensation of inner bliss that does not disappear when you sleep and then awaken or as you go about your day. There is a physical experience of a deep embodied presence that is blissful and consistent (with committed practice), inside your lower Tan Tien. You will become spiritually pregnant through this program.

This program as far as I know is the first of its kind where you can be mentored by an experienced Inner Alchemy adept every step of the way.

The culmination and goal of this journey we will take together is the birthing of a spiritual foetus within your energy body. This impregnating will solve the number one issue I meet everywhere I travel, the inability to maintain the high vibrational inner states that many seekers experience but find difficult to maintain.

In this training each student will be literally giving birth to a spiritual child within yourself and you will open the pathways of communication between three dimensions of your whole self: The Original Spirit, the pre-natal Soul, and your post-natal (physical) self.

You will understand how the human soul is binary in nature: polarized male-female on horizontal plane, heaven-earth or formless-form polarized on its vertical axis. Why a third integrated self – our Inner Sage must be cultivated to resolve the split and hunger all of humanity feels but the rest of nature does not.


At every level of the program there is an opportunity to be certified as an Inner Alchemy Trainer for the Qi Gong forms taught during the program.  Also on the last weekend each student will be given the opportunity to show competence and certify in transmitting the differet inner alchemy formulas that you have learned and embodeid during the previous 6 months. 

Society of Free Taoists  (SoFT)

 Free Taoists value independence. Spiritual, political, economic, and personal independence means taking responsibility for our destiny. When we cultivate our unique Way, Five-phase Qi flows in harmony, Yin-Yang Qi is balanced. The portal opens for Humankind to return to our Original Nature (xing) and manifest loving inter-dependence.

Free Taoists grow our unique inner power (de), our gift from source. De is expressed in high personal integrity, by seeking to fulfill our soul mission and Highest Worldly Destiny (ming).

• Free Taoists use the heart-centered energy science of inner alchemy to cultivate the Original Breath of Life (Yuan Qi. It holds, our original feeling of Pure Love and Unity. This non-dual or neutral energy nourishes authentic Self-arising. It waters our creative Free Will and wu wei, the spontaneous play of Yin-Yang-Yuan Qi in the present moment.

Free Taoists cultivate multi-dimensional Self-love. We embrace our Cosmic Selfand feel Self-empowered by merging personal Energy Body with the Qi matrix of Space, Time & Beings.

• Free Taoists do not give our power away, nor take it from others. We do not need nor use titles like Master, Grand Master, or Guru that in English imply a pyramidal structure of authority. Appropriate titles are sifu, teacher, elder, mentor, guide, instructor, beloved friend, wise brother/sister, or non-capitalized description such as “master of qigong” (or other quality such as healing, Tao, etc). This minimizes inflation of spiritual eg


PHASE 1 January 11 - Febuary 11

January 11th Tuesday 7PM

 First weekly mentoring session: Repeats every Tuesday for 6 months at 7pm

January 15 & 16

The Mystry (WU JI)
Original Self (TAI YI)
12 Oversouls (DA SHEN)
Individuated Soul (LING) 
12 Organ Spirits (PERSONALITY)

January 29 & 30
Cosmic Red Dragon Spinning Pearl
Regulate the Flow of YIn and Yang in the 12 Meridia


PHASE 2 Febuary 12 - March 13

February 12 & 13 
Emotional Alchemy Fusion 1
Dissolve Negative Feelings & Cultivate Your Original Feeling of Self-Love

March 12  & 13
Psychic Alchemy: Fusion 2 and 3
(Open 8 “Psychic” Channel – Heal chronic illness & deep pre-natal trauma.) & Reveal original innocence


April 2 & 3
Inner Sexual Alchemy
(Initiate Spiritual Pregnancy & Rebirth) 

April 15 & 16 
Inner Sexual Alchemy

April 30 & May 1
Inner Sexual Alchemy

 May 14 & 15 
Inner Sexual Alchemy

June 4 &  5 
Testing & Certification


To interview and apply for the program please schedule a call with me at the link below


Because of the length and nature of this program, once you have been accepted and you have committed to the program there are no refunds.

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