with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

I invite you to go to the next level in the unique practice of Wu Ji Gong, also known as – Tai Chi for Enlightenment!

The Pearl (your energy body) is what allows your greater cosmic unlimited self to communicate and guide your mortal physical self.

Taoist adepts cultivate the Pearl to be able to act free of all conditioning and simultaneously develop Ming (Worldly Destiny) & Xing (Spiritual Destiny)

Through cultivating the Pearl you are resolving the number one core issue for humanity the integration of spirit and matter. This is of great service to humanity at this time in our evolution.

In this course, I will be sharing how to use the movements of Wu Ji Gong and the Pearl to open the 5 major Soul channels in the body so that we can dissolve the deeper ancestral bloodline influences that are not allowing our inner and outer life to be in harmony and balance.

All human beings carry within them powerful bloodline ancestral influences that need to be cleared and healed within us.

I will be sharing my many years of experience in how to clear these deep-seated patterns using the sacred Wu Ji Gong ceremony.

Opening and clearing these deep channels using the Wu Ji Gong sacred ceremony will take your practice to a far deeper level..


  • Discover The 5 major Soul channel’s and how to feel them in your body
  • How to use the movements of Wu JI Gong to activate these 5 Soul channel’s
  • Understand the importance of the Sun and Moon is dissolving ancestral influences during the heaven sequence.
  • Understand the 3 types of resistance we will meet in any spiritual practice and what forces of nature we need to align with to dissolve this resistance.
  • How to set an intention before starting the Wu Ji Gong sacred ceremony.
  • How self-blame about any area of your life is deeply related to stuck ancestral patterns.
  • How to become aware of unconscious ancestral guilt and its manifestation, which is to keep on creating crises in your life so you can atone for that guilt.


  • This course is ideal for anyone who feels like there are certain issues in their life that just won’t shift no matter what they try.
  • This is the course for anyone who wants to live more freely with less guilt and shame and much more joy.
  • This course is for anyone looking for a powerful breakthrough in their life.


To get the maximum benefits from this course you must know the Wu JI Gong movements and ideally have been practicing daily for a month minimum.


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