The Black Hole Inside of You

with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell
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1 thought on “The Black Hole Inside of You”

  1. I’ve only practiced the wuji Enlightened Love form twice(ever) in the last 3 days and last night, I was in a dream when I felt a physical and real energy wanting to come up my spine. I told myself to relax and allow it to do whatever it needed to do and bam! As I breathed out, relaxing, that vibrant and strong energy flowed right up my spine, in an absolutely straight path up to the back of my head, of its own volition. I woke up in shock and slightly scared and worried, realizing this wasn’t a dream but a real physical thing. My body still had a mild vibrating energy dissipating through all of it, one of my fingers vibrating a bit for a minute. A part of me knew that I should be accepting and calm. After that it took me an hour to get back to sleep of course, but my first thought was that it was the healing result of doing the wuji qigong routine only twice and I was grateful.

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