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Welcome to an amazing life enhancing, simple to learn form of Qi Gong  anyone can learn it in just a few hours. WuJi Gong or Primordial Tai Chi..

When I first came across this form about 10 years ago I was teaching around Europe in many different countries and I would teach Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Inner Alchemy meditations mostly from Mantak Chia’s lineage of the Universal Healing Tao.

I was noticing a repeating pattern with these courses, most of the students during the courses would really get inspired and share that they knew now what they needed to do with their lives. But in most cases, when I returned 3 or 6 months later often the students where back at square one and would again be inspired during the courses but seemed unable to make the next leap in their evolution on their own.

Please don’t feel I’m saying there is no value in the practice I was sharing.  There was nothing wrong with the practices of the Universal Healing Tao. In fact I love all of them and continue to teach all of them today. It’s just that often these practices take quite a bit of personal discipline.

In any case I always teach WuJi Gong – Primordial Tai Chi now as the foundation  for all of my courses in Inner Alchemy even Mantak Chia has introduced this form into his system because of its simplicity and transformational power.

To continue this story of the students feeling overwhelmed and not moving forward and growing in their daily practice. Something  really shifted when I introduced WuJi Gong .

I first noticed it in the eyes of the students and at first I was shocked. I saw this light in the eyes and I remember asking one of the students. “What are you doing you look great full of light?” They shared. “Well I started to practice WuJi Gong on a regular basis”

They also shared that practicing WuJi Gong was like nothing else they had tried before. The students always had the experience of the mind becoming quite and a deep peace arising from within themselves, all this happened as if by magic.

This deep peace they felt was enough to inspire them to practice on a regular basis and just like small drip of water every day breaking away a hard rock their practice started to bare fruit. Hence the shining eyes and the students spirit coming more to the foreground of their life. What a blessing.

They were sharing what I myself had discovered with WuJi Gong.

It’s power is hidden behind deceptively simple movements. I sometimes call WuJi Gong  a blessing from heaven. On this web site you can read many articles that go into more detail, what that power is and why it’s so effective in transforming and healing people’s lives.

So as my students shared their experiences of practicing WuJi Gong, in that moment I knew here was the answer for me as a teacher and for my students.  Most people’s experience of modern life is that it’s getting more complicated day by day so any type of spiritual practice that adds an additional pressure to an already over complicated life is doomed to failure.

We all need to need to reconnect with our spiritual essence but often the demands of our busy lives keep us away from the very source of nourishment that will allow us to be more balanced and effective in our lives.  It’s a very comma theme expressed everywhere I travel.

People today need a powerful and a simple fast re-connection with the deeper spiritual dimensions that truly nourish them, they need something that is easy to learn and they need to feel that they are moving forward in their life direction and life purpose.

WuJi Gong  provides this and many more benefits. What would take an hour of Yoga or an hour of sitting meditation can be achieved with WuJi Gong in 12 to 15 mines of simple movements.

Its ability to reveal to you the true nature of a human being’s deeper spiritual dimensions is in itself a living miracle. Hence this form is excellent for anyone who has tried mediation but found that their minds just wander everywhere and have given up.

WuJi Gong  actually opens your awareness to your deeper self, so for many people when they practice WuJi Gong they have the experience of the mind that continues thinking  but your now identified with a place of inner knowing and resting in your inner peace. This feeling of stillness and inner peace is such a common experience at all classes of WuJi Gong and its why its growing now all over the world.

Life purpose really has nothing to do with what we do on the outside and everything to do with how complete we feel on inside. We could have a perfect life on the outside based on what society expects but inside we may be feeling incomplete.

It’s this feeling of incompleteness that is at the heart of what WuJi Gong addresses I know of no other form of Qi Gong that is as powerful at opening up the deeper dimensions within anyone who practices it. It’s why I have decided to spend my time and energy promoting this around the world, it’s immensely satisfying to me to see it spreading now and to see how others’ lives are being opened from the inside out

So if your health is suffering WuJi Gong will address that, if your finances are suffering WuJi gong will bring you inner insights of how to a change that.

In this modern world it seems everyone is promising health wealth and happiness it’s a billion $ business and honestly in my experience most of it is all smoke and mirrors.

What is often not understood in life is that the challenges we face are not mistakes but everything that happens to us is for our soul’s evolution.

Most human beings are far more sensitive then they realize. We are like psychic sponges picking up frequencies, thoughts, collective stress and others emotions that have absolutely nothing to do with us.

What to do?

There is in my experience only one solution. Develop your Inner Earth, Develop your own Center. Your Inner Black Hole

You can’t stop the psychic waves of collective stress from entering you. But if you develop your inner earth, your inner cauldron, you channel everything to the center before it has a chance to trigger a secondary reaction in you.

WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment is perfect for this. The best way to describe this is to picture a black hole in your deepest center and everything just gets sucked into it.

Let me be absolutely clear this is something physically tangible that you can feel inside you

Every human being alive has this potential. Actually as young babies and children this center was already well established its why babies and small children don’t really have a sense of self-consciousness or a feeling of in-completion, that something is missing

This is very possible to develop within yourself through self-cultivation practice of Inner Alchemy. WuJi Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment is an inner Alchemy practice for the masses.~

Have a busy mind? …….Cultivate your center
Overwhelmed by your own and others emotions? —— Cultivate your center
Cant sleep well? …….Cultivate your center
ADD? …… Cultivate your center
Eating disorders? ……Cultivate your center
Low energy? ….. Cultivate your center

The answer is always the same.

Any issue or any problem in life can be made much more digestible by this one approach. Over time you can develop this center to have amazing internal force just like a black hole. WuJi Gong is designed to develop and strengthen this inner center, this Inner Black Hole.