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A “Wounded Inner Child” Is At The Root of Painful Emotional Patterns In Relationships

In a moment, you are going to uncover why you may be going through a difficult time.

Through a simple exercise, you will see why you are stuck and how you can bring Intimacy, love, and connection back to your relationship.

But first, a little background to show what caused these wounds in the first place . . . using two children.

Both children are fictional. But they mirror hundreds of thousands of people in the world.


Tom grew up in an explosive family.

Whenever his father got angry at him, he would go 

very deep inside and not communicate. 

Over time he learned this as an emotional pattern.

So Tom went inside and stayed quiet at a very young age whenever there was conflict.

Because if he actually communicated, maybe he would be hit or perhaps told he was wrong.

It doesn’t really matter the circumstances . .

Tom’s pattern is to go inside.


Kelly grew up in another family, maybe not as explosive as Tom’s.

When there was any type of emotional conflict in the house, her pattern was to get really angry

 . . . and to demand what was happening.

She would get frustrated and angry at her parents or frustrated with the toys that don’t work. 

But, her family basically approved of the frustration.

They didn’t support her to deeply explore how vulnerable she truly felt when things did not go her way.

So, Kelly learned the way she got things was to become frustrated and angry


Both Tom and Kelly grow up, meet each other, and fall in love.

In the beginning, it’s fantastic. It’s really amazing!

When they meet, they see the best parts of themselves.

But later on, the inevitable happens . . .


  • A “wounded inner child” is at the root of painful emotional patterns in relationships.
  • Relationships feel fantastic In the beginning, and people see the best parts of themselves.
  • But later on, the inevitable happens . . .
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