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Miss x  (identity protected) who approached me wanting to understand  certain repeating patterns that were causing her immense frustration in her life. Miss x for most of her life has been dedicated to her first and only love music. As a prolific composer and  performer, initially starting off in bands but later in her career as a solo composer and performer. 

Her main concern was the lack of proffesional and societal recognition and to be able to receive monetary compensation for all her work over the many years. She even had the experience where she co-wrote a song for a very famous band, but to this date has not received her royalties which are substantial.

When she came to me she was exhausted and frustrated with how much energy and effort she had put into her career without receiving anything back. Not only had she mastered her art of song writing and preforming but along her life journey she had mastered the art of music production and recording, being able to reproduce very high quality musical production on her own with not a lot of resources. She expressed great pride in this, as she should, because music production is an incredibly skilled techniclly and specialised art form .

In addition she had also made sure that whatever royalty money for her songs she would eventually receive  for radio play etc…. she made sure and again had mastered the art of understanding the music publishing and performance rights, as due to her long experience in the music industry she had seen how the record companies and publishers took the lion’s share of recording artists income. She made sure that that this would not happen to her through studying and mastering that whole field. When I met her she had her own publishing company and 100% of the rights to her music belonged to her alone.

The only thing missing for her to this day was the recognition and the monetary reward for a life time of dedication.  This was what she hoped to gain clarity on by consulting with me.  One of the things she said to me was ” I have really done the hard work  (10th house) it is time for the recognition and rewards (Venus) to flow in.”   

Because of the lack of income with her chosen career Miss x had lived in many countries working as a solo preformer where ever she could to make some income doing what she loved most, she had not really found a place to call home over the years, she stated to me that 85 to 90 % of her life force energy desire (Mars) and love (Venus) was entirely focused on her career (10th house MC conjunction ). Even relationships (Venus) had taken a second place to her career.

At some stage in her earlier life she had the good fortune to meet a man who had virtually unlimited financial resources and appreciated and loved her and was willing to support her in her career but she created a situation where the relationship failed because of her need to do it on her own terms   (Aries sounth node 5th house)  her music and need to prove herself came first before all else.

Miss x has a strong  personal spiritual practice  with many years of mediation and has had  many experiences of feeling connected to the divine, where as she shared with me, “All was perfect and I felt good and complete for no outer reason.”

When sharing this with me I could sense how important these states of consciousness were  to her and  based on the chart, I could feel that these were key for her understanding her souls evolutionary lessons and direction.

So that is a small part of the back ground and below is Miss x chart that we will now explore from the souls evolutionary perspective using Evolutionary Astrology (EA) as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green

I am assuming most of the readers have at least a small background understanding in Evolutionary Astrology as first introduced by Jeffrey Wolfe Green.

His books and transmissions on EA are widely available on the internet. Jeffrey unfortunately has retired from public life but his contribution to the understanding of the soul’s evolutionary journey has supported so many to understand the challenging experiences of their life from the souls perspective. If you have no understanding of EA I suggest you first read my introduction here, before reading the chart case study.

In EA taught by Jeffery Wolf Green the Pluto house and sign placement and its polarity point exactly 180 degrees opposite the natal position of Pluto takes on the main foundation for the whole chart. Along with the Nodal Axis and the Moon itself as a representation of the egoic structure created by the Soul to lean the evolutionary lessons.

In the above chart case study, we can see that Pluto is in the 10th house and Virgo. This chart is particularly powerful as Pluto also conjuncts the Midheaven and is also conjunct the north node ruler Venus. You can perhaps see the almost compulsive attention to details (Virgo) to attain social recognition  (10th house MC) expressed in the life story.

Souls that have Pluto in the 10th house have experienced the ongoing evolutionary lesson around the Capricorn archetype of personal power and social standing.

There is no doubt in my mind when I look at this chart that in her previous lives Miss x had held a position of personal status and recognition, this is why she has an almost fanatical need to repeat this past, she would admit to me as we talked that she expected it and was very frustrated it still had not happened.

One of the key concepts in EA  that we have to understand is that what is familiar from the past gives a strong sense of security whereas what is evolutionary feels unknown and insecure.

Miss x would spend hours and hours pushing herself to a state of exhaustion to perfect (Virgo) her music compositions, she even shared with me that after every song was finished to the high standards she placed on herself (perfection, Virgo) she would collapse from exhaustion, her workload over the years had carried a heavy toll on her health. (Virgo)

Miss X as you can see in the small life background review at the top of this page also applied this attention to detail that the Virgo archetype is so well known for to her mastery (Virgo) of music recording and production and in her study (Virgo) of how the music industry rewarded artists.

The above all represents to the Soul what is familiar and therefore what created security in the past. The evolutionary lesson and direction the Soul now wants to explore are represented by the Pluto polarity point of the 4th house and the Pisces archetypes. In essence and how I explained it to Miss x her Soul’s desire now was to find inner security and nourishment (4th house) by connection to the divine (Pisces) within. Instead of details and perfection and hard work (Virgo) to now embody wholeness and faith in a bigger picture (Pisces). as well as reducing her mental need for perfection and tuning into her intuition to guide her choices in life.

Whereas Virgo breaks the whole down into its parts mentally, Pisces knows how everything is connected to everything else.

Instead of trying to create perfection (Virgo) recognizing that perfection is already present (Pisces), There is definitley an evolutionary lesson of developing faith in this life as opposed to doing it the hard way, her way with a single-minded focus. (Mars as south node ruler in Aries and the 5th house.)

 I explained that until that evolutionary lesson was learned the possibility of social recognition was unlikely as was already borne out in her life experience up to now. Very often with 10th house Pluto placements the recognition that is craved is actually denied until the evolutionary lesson is learned.   I have also noticed working with many clients with Pluto in the 10th house that there are often unconsious levels of guilt that are carried over into the current life.

Often in getting to the top actions are taken that are not always in integrity with the Soul.

Miss x had already had glimpses of her evolutionary future, where she would sometimes through her meditation practice just feel so in the flow and feel so good with no outer reason at all. It was all being generated from within her own being. She shared with me 

I know how it feels when you are connected there is nothing like it and I know  if I just maintain this state I will become successful, I have seen it play out in m y life

I explained that until that became the real focus of her personality’s choices by finding that inner security from her connection to the divine. It would not be enough to understand it mentally (Virgo) but to actually live her life with faith (Pisces) as her security. Faith in a bigger picture that everything will be taken care of when this evolutionary lesson is learned. I also explained that her reason for experiencing this inner state can not be manipulated or bargained so that she is successful.

I got the strong sense when talking with her that although her meditation practice was important it was not as important as her craving for recognition and of her single-minded creative efforts.

Until her whole value system was transformed (Venus) and all her actions energy and choices (Mars) were now focused on a moment-by-moment inner connection to the divine as her security her soul would still not feel complete.

Now  this is in no way the whole picture we also need to take into account the south and north nodes of the Moon and the placement of the Moon itself to understand the immediate past life to give a more complete picture.

In this case the south node of the moon  is in the 5th house and Aries this suggest that the way her soul achieved social recognition was by the single minded application of her own will and independence, a warrior (Aries) type of energy that would not listen to anyone else and just focus on the goal in mind. Aries archytype is best understood as an instinctive almost unconscious drive to discover and achieve  a single minded goal.

Being located in the 5th house suggest her soul was used to expressing her creativity (5th house) in a more self centered type of application of her will. I  can do it no matter what the consequences, in an almost fearless unconscious way of acting to the detriment possibly of her own life force energy, and to those around her. This suggest the soul achieved the recognition but at what cost. 

 I felt this very strongly in  the way she described how much energy and time she would put into to perfecting her music to the detriment of herself and her health. She  could see this but could not stop completely,  although when we met she was starting to recognise how her health was truly impacted by this.

The Soul in this life has placed the planetary ruler of the south node  Mars conjunct the north node, suggesting a very important evolutionary need for the Mars archetype to be transformed in this life into a completely new way of expression.

What is that new way of expression? it is explained by the Libra and the 11th house archetypes. To listen (Libra) more to others and life , to find balance (Libra) with the way she expresses her desire nature, to consider the effects of her actions and desires on the wider world at large (11th house) and to recognise the importance of the Venus archetype to make balance with her Mars desire nature by listening more to her needs and others needs. Seeing how her needs are intimately connected to the wider world and other people at large. How she is not at all isolated but connected to the whole (Pisces(

This is so important for her Soul that it has also placed the north node ruler  (Venus) in a conjunction aspect with Pluto ,in a new phase relationship as if to say in order for me to express my desire nature in a new more balanced way I have the evolutionary need to totally transform (Pluto) my old values (Venus)  into new ones.

I would say looking at the chart that it is very possible for Miss x’s work to be recognised because of the midheaven being activated by Pluto and Venus, but not until her values (Venus) have been totally transformed and there is a real movement towards embodying by her actions and choices (Mars) the Pluto polarity point.

During our session there were many tears plus many “ah ah” moments as she started to understand the purpose of the pain and frustration of her life up to now form the souls perspective. 

There are many aspects of the chart I have not covered in this short overview, I have just focused in on the main theme to give I hope, a basic understanding of EA. principles and how it can be applied to a chart.

 I offer personalized EA readings on my mentoring page which you can find here.


I can clarify any repeating patterns in your life that are causing you frustration or pain and support you in making new choices that will activate more synchronicity and flow into your life.

I think this is the most powerful thing about EA, once you understand the Soul’s evolutionary needs and start to apply your personality’s choices to be in alignment with that, the flow and synchronicity that opens up is quite profound.

I personally think this is what we are all longing for the feeling of being in the flow of life and having the mental clarity and understanding of where our Souls want us to evolve to.mq


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