The Five Forces Shaping Human Soul Patterns.

with Michael Winn
The Five Forces Shaping Human Soul Patterns & Taoist Inner Alchemy Formulas for Completing One’s Destiny. By Michael Winn 1.ACQUIRED patterns this lifetime (post-natal later heaven) Physical, emotional, sexual and mental experiences that are not completed, often as traumas pretending to be a stuck “past” ego-self. Stored in 5 phase & yin-yang patterns by vital organ spirits & meridians.
  • Completed using first alchemy formula (Inner Smile – WuJi Gong – Fusion of 5 Soul Forces – Red Dragon Spinning Pearl).
  • Sexual identity completed with Inner Sexual Alchemy (Lesser Kan & Li). You must be logged in to view this content, or register now as a Wu Ji Gong Fan or Student for free.
2. ANCESTRAL biological & psychological patterns (pre-natal early heaven)
Experiences of parents, grandparents, relatives and unknown distant ancestors that are stored and shared genetically in the blood. A collective pool of issues awaiting completion by anyone in that biological lineage.
  • Completed with all three Water & Fire (Kan & Li) formulas.
3. GEOMANTIC forces (deep earth, or geo-natal patterns early heaven). Deep earth directional forces control five phase outer weather cycles & inner “psychic weather”. Planetary feng shui is imprinted at birth on your constitution and reinforced by geography where you live. Embedded in global social and environmental struggle by collective negative thought forms.
  • Completed with Sun-Moon Alchemy (Greater Kan & LI)
4. ASTROLOGICAL forces (planetary patterns, “karmic” early heaven). Solar system is 5 phase processes embodied within individual souls. Planets are your cosmic vital organ spirits, how your subtle bodies step themselves down through the sun & planets.
  • Completed with Planetary Alchemy (Greatest Kan & Li), by fusing the five planetary spirits and opening direct Sun to heart-mind (xin) communication.
5. STELLAR forces (spiritual lineage patterns early heaven portal to primordial heaven and WuJi) “Essences” embody spiritual qualities in collective galactic & star “oversoul” patterns flowing through different dimensions (“heavens”) of space/time
  • Completed with Star Alchemy and Heaven & Earth Alchemy© Michael Winn 1996

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