with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

Why do Taoist adepts use cosmic bodies like the Earth, Planets, Sun & Stars in our material dimension to raise the frequency of their personal energy body?

A Free gift teaching video for all of you on the theory behind the 9 cosmic Spirals Qi Gong. Enjoy.

This is just a small sample of over 400 teaching and practice videos, guided audio meditations, & written PDF theory docs

Available to subscribers of my new Monthly Support Program for Gene Keys, Qi Gong, Inner Alchemy, Physical Embodiment & Integration.

Integration and embodiment means your personal energy body which most people identify as “ME” maintains its connection to higher frequencies at all times, even as you live out your slower vibrational physical life.

I created this program because I saw a real need for spiritual seekers to not be on an emotional rollercoaster ride but learn how to ground and make higher dimensional states consistent in their personal energy bodies. Those blissful states we sometimes touch, but many seem to have a real challenge making it consistent integrated, and grounded.

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