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Robert F Kennedy Jr Evolutionart Astrology

A special evolutionary directive exists when a planet squares the nodal axis.

According to  Jeffery Wolf Green, founder of EA, this is called a skipped step planet. This represents something from the past that was not resolved on this Soul’s spiritual evolutionary journey and in this life urgently needs to be resolved. In this example it is Neptune

Interestingly, H12, the Neptune archetype, is where the SN of the moon is located, more on this later

Let’s dive in! First the big picture.

Where has the Soul been over multiple lifetimes and how does it want to evolve?

For this, according to EA, we look at the natal position of Pluto (SOUL) and the PPP (Pluto Polarity Point) 180 degrees opposite. Let’s combine the archetypes.

Pluto in Leo in the first house (H1).

A Soul engaged in the exploration of its creative identity and personal power. This placement suggests a strong emphasis on creative self-expression and individuality, driven by a desire for leadership and recognition (LEO) in all endeavors.

The first house placement amplifies these traits, imbuing the Soul with an instinctive and assertive approach to life, often exhibiting qualities associated with the Aries archetype. A self-centeredness and a lack of how that more selfish instinctive approach often will not include its effect on others, (H7, PPP) , In other words, will (H1 LEO) that is selfishly orientated (H1).

The Aries archetype in the grand scheme of things represents the infant, instinctively focused only on its needs in the moment. as opposed to the final Pisces archetype in astrology that represents universal consciousness and interconnectedness as the spiritual truth of life.

If we look at Rober F Kennedy Jr’s past and his own candid words about this, it is well documented. He has shared about his drug addiction (NEPTUNE SKIPPED STEP) multiple sexual partners, his consistent lying to hide (NEPTUNE) deceiving himself by hiding (NEPTUNE) the truth of the harms of his impulsive actions. (H1 Leo). These are well documented.  

When we understand the shock to his emotional stability (Moon in Cancer conjunct Uranus in H12) of losing his father unexpectedly, we can understand him turning to drugs to escape the pain (H12).  This for me is the defining moment of his Neptune skipped step of repeating the past,  (Moon as the SN ruler)

Compare this past to the recent way he answered a question posed to him on a podcast about vaccines with Lex Friedman. My emphasis of the archetypes in (BOLD) 

Lex Freidman: “Do you worry about this drug of martyrdom (Neptune) that might cloud your judgment?” (Capricorn Sun). 

Robert F Kennedy Jr:  “First of all, I don’t consider myself a martyr, and I’ve never considered myself a victim. (Neptune) I make choices about my life (SUN), and I’m content with those choices and peaceful with them. I’m not trying to be a martyr or a hero (LEO) or anything else. I’m doing what I think is right (Capricorn Sun, Integrity) because I want to be peaceful inside of myself.

Peaceful inside, represents an evolved Neptune, resolving the skipped step of denial, victimization and martydom. This answer for me clearly shows he has internalized his need for emotional security (H12  Cancer Moon) by finding it within himself where it canot be taken away by external events.  He continues….

“The only guard I have is fact-based reality (Capicorn SUN). If you show me a scientific study (H6) that shows that I’m wrong, for example, if you come back and say, “Look Bobby, here’s a safety study on Polio that was done pre-licensure and used real saline solution, I am going to put that on myTwitter. That’s all I can do.” 

(His Capicorn Sun in H6 of service) at is most evolved, represents personal integrity before social prestige, recogition and being right. H6 also represents logical scientific methods. Mercury ruled.

NEXT STEP: Where the Soul wants to evolve towards  (PPP,  H7 Aquarius)

The recognition that leadership and kingly qualities only focused on self (H1 LEO)  needs evolutionarily, to be directed for the wholeness of the other (H7) humanity and large groups of people (AQUARIUS)

The recognition that all of humanity (AQUARIUS) has sovereign qaulties (LEO) inside each of us gifted by the source of all.

The “KING” archetype that is evolved in Jungian psychology was always directed to the unselfish support of the whole. (Aquarius)  

A great example of the Aquarian/Leo Archetype dynamics can be found in the Tao De Ching on leadership (LEO)

“When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists

The next best is a leader who is loved. next, one who is feared. 
The worst is one who is despised.

If you don’t trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.

The Master doesn’t talk, he acts. When his work is done, the people say, “Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!”

I feel Richard Rudd, creator of the Gene Keys is a great example of this along with Rober F Kennedy Jr, and Nelson Mandela, all great leaders. They are working for humanity not wanting recognition or fame (LEO) for themselves. only in as much as they can be of service to the whole.

Now the next step. The south node and its ruler, to reveal the most recent past life of this Soul.

SN in Cancer in H12, A Soul that has been focused on its own emotional security, (Cancer) through avoiding and hiding and playing the victim (H12)

Ruled by the moon located in H12 conjunct Uranus, suggests that in the immediate past life, the Soul was impulsive (Uranus) makimg decisions that created chaos and confusion (H12) for itself based on the Soul only wanting emotional security.

It can also represent external shocking and traumatic (Uranus) events in this Soul’s life that took away suddenly (Uranus) its emotional security (Cancer).

I am leaning more to this second interpretation, based on the shocks he experienced in his early life with his family (Cancer)  and the sudden assassination of his Uncle and Father.

The early life experiences for Souls often represent a replaying of the immediate past life as represented by the SN, especially before the first Saturn return at 29.

Next step, the North Node and its ruler this will show how the Soul can evolve towards the PPP in this current life.

NN in Capriorn in H6,  To be a socially visible, living example in time and space of integrity (Capricorn) and service through humility (H6)

Ruled by Saturn in Scorpio in H4

To deeply investigate the nature of power and shared resources (Scorpio)  and find inner security (H4) based on unwavering inner integrity (Saturn).

Can you perhaps see that by doing this, only then will he be able to reach for his PPP to be a humanitarian focused on creating harmonious and balanced relationship (H7) with other world leaders, big corporations, and large institutions (H7), thereby influencing large groups of people and reminding humanity we are all in this together (Aquarius).

Robert F Kennedy Jr Gene Keys Profile.

Now, let’s explore the Gene Key profile chosen by his Soul.

First, we will look at two Gene Keys not expressed in the profile, but based on the location of natel Pluto and its evolutionary directive the PPP.

I was amazed at the perfection of these two Gene Keys and why I think he is designed to be the next president as his destiny.

GK 4.6 is the natel Pluto point and GK 49.6 is his evolutionary direction and  embodiment of his soul’s fulfillment of destiny.

A revolutionary not a reactionary, focused on service to the whole (LINE 6) who will initiate a true rebirth of the Aquarian ideal humanity longs for. 

As all of you know the 6 line represents something not really present at this time on our planet. It represents what is possible when humanity is no longer focused solely on the personal and all its drama, represented by the other 5 lines.

Imagine his past of intolerance that separated him (Line 6) from the divine and his own journey of self-forgiveness expressed in his recovery from addiction and turning his life over to a higher power (Line 6) Neptune skipped step mentioned above.

In the GK profile above you see his only line 5 in his attractor. Atracting to him large selfish GK 27 corporations (LINE 5) Monsanto for example, helping his soul develop his own altruism and selflessness.

The personality moon, not shown in the GK profile above but in his HD chart is located at  GK 39.5. Remember in EA, the nodal axis can not evolve unless the moon’s expression also evolves. The natal moon in evolutionary astrology represents the past, the ego, and the habitual reactivity that needs to evolve.

The guilt (Line 5) of his past provoked many very close to him and himself. It also as he evolved ending up even to this day provoking big corporation and those in power (LINE 5) 

His gift of dynamism now focused on making society (LINE 5) a much more loving and fair place for all, not just for the powerful. His work as an environmental lawyer.

His core wound and vocation is such an amazing choice by his Soul.  GK 6 Line 2 Remember his skipped step and its need to resolve this life ?  (Neptune) inner peace.

Honestly, you really cannot make this stuff up the perfection of life and how it is designed with an intelligence that is beyond human thinking blows me away.

There are many more aspects of his profile and his chart that I could explore but we will leave that for a collective webinar with others skilled in HD and the Gene Keys.

With Love Andrew Kenneth Fretwell