with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell
healing past traumas


If we look back over our past there will be experiences that are somehow not completed for us. The question arises, how do we know if an experience that happened to us is not completed?

Any experience that we are not now neutral about is incomplete for us. Many of these experiences we don’t want to feel into because it feels unpleasant in some way. These experiences can be healed and completed using the WuJi Gong Ceremony


Using your energy body/feeling body go back in time to one of these events use your feeling to step into your past self and have the past self at the exact time practice, WuJi Gong.

If it’s a specific event feel you are training the past self to practice the whole form.


Only take on one event at a time. Be prepared for old feelings to arise to be healed. See and feel yourself at the exact moment, (for example, if you split with a relationship partner see and feel yourself right at that time of maximum trauma practicing WuJi Gong.


WuJi Gong generates neutral force, neutrality is what we most needed when facing trauma. Neutrality helps us not identify with the pain of the past. and allows the feelings to be experienced but not identified with. We’re reminding our past self that there was another option.


I have been teaching this in groups now and working with my own past and I have to say it’s a very effective technique. What I have noticed in groups is that people always fall asleep or go unconscious when I suggest this. It takes a number of times before you can stay conscious with it.

My own personal experience has been very insightful I noticed that when I went back in time new insights were presented to me about the lessons of that past. experience. I have also noticed that what I think is the source of my trauma is usually expressed many times before and after the event that seems to be stuck. How to heal from trauma. By practicing Wu Ji Gong it is revealing how the pattern started and how it is influencing me today. I can’t say that the pattern is totally gone but the depth of insight and clarity is very enlightening and allows me more distance.

With Love Andrew Kenneth Fretwell