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Purpose of Inner Sexual Alchemy

The original human being in the astral plane was androgynous (both male & female), and hence immortal- it could self-reproduce. This allowed us to continuously explore the process of creation.  During the process of polarization into physicality, an issue arose when we split into separate male and female bodies in the physical plane.  This has been refered to in many myths and creation stories from all over the world as THE FALL.

It was this polarization into physicality that makes all human beings feel so cut off from their divine origins and the outer world of nature. It makes humanity hungry on so many levels. Paradoxically it also makes us human beings incredibly creative as well, as we feel this deep longing inside and try to complete ourselves often by projecting this longing onto the outer world.

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This 6-month training is specifically designed to address this very deep longing originating at the Soul level of consciousness. 

This is ultimately what you will be embodying by commiting to this program.. The Lesser Enlightenment of Water and Fire. (Kan & Li)

The Fire and Water halves of our Soul are guided to copulate in our energy bodies’ central channel. This moves us consciously into the energetic domain of the pre-birth, the formless self, where our Soul first polarized itself into the male or female sexed body. 

Your expereince of this inner coupling is felt as an inner Soul peace and a calming down of inner unconsious longing. Your ancestors will be celebrating because none of them intergrated at such a deep level. This intergration at the Soul level is very healing and empowering and has to be expereinced. This is what Jesus was pointing to when he said.  “A peace that surpasses all understanding.”


  • Experience a blissful healing stream of Yuan Qi (pure unconditional love) experienced as a tangible felt sense of inner bliss flowing in from the deeper dimensions of your greater self.
  • Maintain a consistent connection to your Soul and the deeper spiritual dimensions even as you go about your daily life.
  • This practice solves the issue of not being able to maintain peak states of bliss. that are often experienced by seekers but often disappear.
  • Unmask the illusion of linear time and rest more in the eternal time that your Soul experiences.
  • Dissolve unconscious sexual and romantic longing as you complete an inner marriage at the soul level.
  • Heal Deep Sexual Identity Issues
  • Initiate Spiritual Pregnancy & Rebirth
  • Spiritual Conception of an Immortal Embryo
  • Heal Chronic Diseases & Dissolve Inner Demons
  • Cultivate Your Worldly Destiny & Start the Quest for Spiritual Immortality.


Few meditators seeking transcendence seem able to release their deep sexual tension, especially the supposedly highly enlightened male gurus/masters who, while posing as celibate and enlightened end up abusing many of their female disciples.

The parallel in the West is found in the Roman Catholic church, with its history of widespread sexual abuse by priests that has recently been brought to light

Most meditation and spiritual traditions attempt to offset the sexual polarization  of  the body by focusing on stillness or a passive inner witness or  a divine self that is described as sex-less and desire-less.

These traditions often blame some aspect of the lowly physical self – either the ego, the mind, or our bodily sexual desire – for leading us astray from our true nature or higher self.

I believe now is the time to address this deep unconscious sexual drive and learn to integrate it into our lives, not an easy task hence why I have created this 6-month program to initiate 10 students into the Lesser Enlightenment of Water and Fire, By coupling the inner male and inner female in your energy body.  

This is a very valid question that has come up countless times in this 6 month training. The answer is a firm no, you will always be in a sexed male or female body, its your inner energy body, your soul  that is restored to its original androgynous nature. The unconsious Soul longings and hunger for something missing is what is addressed by this immortality formula of the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li.



The weekend meetings start at 7pm BALI time, (Andrews Location).  7am Eastern Standard Time in the USA (New York)  & 1pm European Central Time (Paris) . The intensive weekend training lasts  5 hours per day. All weekend trainings are recorded for later review.

Andrew has done his best to make the times as supportive as possible for as many different time zones. If you have a concern or question about the times please schedule a call to discuss.

This is where Andrew will transmit all the different Qi Gong  forms and Inner Alchemy meditataions. The weekends are  a mixture of theory , lectures and group practice.

The Qi Gong forms and Inner Alchemy meditations learned on these longer in-depth weekend training are explained and clarified by Andrew based on each student’s individual needs.  Each student will then apply what is learnt on the weekends into their daily life. The weekly group mentoring  is also used to deepen your practuce and reveiw what has been taught in the longer modules..

The ultimate goal of this ongoing 6-month training is spiritual independence and the ability to transmit to others everything you have learned and embodied. Many graduetes have a new career as a teacher of Qi Gong and Inner Alchemy

Yes as best you can, it is always valuable to attend these weekend teaching modules live. But in case of other commitments and unexpected emergencies it is always possible to catch up via the recordings.



This program is Limited to 12 COMITTED students

(PLEASE NOTE:  All dscounted prices below require the balance to be paid before JANUARY 9  2024)


25% DISCOUNT (£4,875) if £1,500  deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 1ST 2023
20% DISCOUNT (£5,200) if £1,500 deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 30TH 2023
15% DISCOUNT (£5,525) if £1,500 deposit paid before OCTOBER 31ST 2023

Payment plans available please schedule a call below to discuss.

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