Key decisions are usually made during moments of crisis


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Key decisions are usually made during moments of crisis. If you take yourself back to powerful key moments of fear, pain hurt or humiliation, whether in your childhood or adulthood you will discover needs, feelings, fears and emotions that you had not recognized at the moment.

In my OFT bodywork with trauma release and digestion, something I see over and over is that these powerful moments in our life are sometimes not seen as actual key decision points.
This is because of the power of these experience which in many cases were almost impossible to bear. During OFT  ( because the support is there we realize we had many options many choices at that moment, often the realization of this leads to powerful insights of untapped resources.
WU JI GONG can be used like this as a support practice for difficult experiences in the past.

 Pick one defining experience from your past invite it into the sacred ceremony with the intention to reveal different decisions or different reactions at that moment. Ask for clarity in how these key moments have formed part of your identity up to NOW.

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