Kidneys & The Spirit of Water: Transforming Fear into Wisdom and Calmness


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We invite you on May 03, 2020. from 15: 00h.  time in Sofia Bulgaria to the THIRD Practical Lecture on the Basics of Emotional Alchemy with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

This course will discuss in-depth about the WATER element and its related organs, senses, emotions, and virtues.

The WATER element in each of us is deeply connected to our vitality, genetic inheritance, and creativity

Most of us do not realize how much vitality we waste when we do not use our personal will in a loving way.

During this webinar, we will explore the Spirit of the Kidneys and how to use our personal will to be free. We will also explore how fear governs us, and in order to regain our sense of security, we begin to want to control the outside world and have more power in it.

We will explore the Shadow of the Kidneys: Fear and the Pursuit of External Control and How to Release and Transmit the Life Force Caught in These Models

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If anyone is having difficulty paying, please email [email protected]