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Virtual Retreat

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With Andrew Kenneth Fretwell & Gene Keys Bulgaria
16.10.2021 – 5.11.2021

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Have you ever wondered how much of our present is determined by what we have learned and experienced in the past?

Everything of course starts with our parents and the upbringing in our family – with the values and lessons they taught us. With the way we exeperience the world because of them. With the atmosphere in our home, the support and love we felt or did not. Things that, if you really think about, you’ll see that they define our lives today.

Which of them would you like to repeat and preserve? 

And what do you try to avoid and change at all costs, so that the same scenario you witnessed then does not play out to you now?

But this story doesn’t end here…..

The same scenario tends to repeat further in time – with our friends, our peers, our classmates, teachers. First thrills, first love, first dreams and aspirations.

And then, when something happened for the first time, we absorbed it like a sponge. Without expectations for what will happen, without knowing what will happen, without fear of what will or will not happen, because we have not had the experience yet. Because that experience was created exactly in those precious moments, when we went through these events.

However, those experiences had different outcomes. Some brought us happiness and made us feel good and some led to discomfort and pain – strong negative overwhelming emotions, strong fear and insecurity, unbearable blame and judgment.

Whatever it is, it imprints itself and leaves such a distinctive mark in our consciousness that every time this discomfort or a hint of it occurs, whether the experience is the same, similar or very different, we raise the defenses to protect ourselves!

In this 3 week virtual retreat, we are going to deep into the nature of these defenses, which each of us carry within.

  • What are they protecting us from?  Only from threats or also from the potential of many beautiful experiences and opportunities in our lives?

  • Do we bring them up consciously or we often do it completely unconsciously – by instinct – without even remembering the event that led to them and whether it is relevant today?

  • What they are build upon in the different stages of our development – physically (from 0 to 7 years), emotionally (from 7 to 14 years) and mentally (from 14 to 21 years)

  • What are the benefits when we get to know them and finally manage to put them down?What scenarios will stop repeating themselves and what opportunities will inevitably begin to open up?


    We invite you to join us to explore all of this themes with the wisdom of Gene Keys,

    Going through a magical journey with 3 spheres of our personal life (IQ, EQ & SQ). Each of which will either protect us from living fully, or open us to a much happier, loving and enjoyable life, when we begin to invest our energy to follow what makes us happy, instead of investing in only protecting ourselves. 

  • Discover the three 7 Year Stages that all developing children go through.

  • Physical unease and lack of relaxation, conditioned form birth to 7 years of age/.

  • Emotional inadequacy, conditioned from 7 years of age to 14.

  • Mental judgments directed towards life, others and oneself, conditioned from 14 years of age to 21.

  • We will discover together how these three 7-year stages limit our ability to be in a synchronistic flow with life and cut us off from our natural expression and authenticity.

  • How these patterns are strongly present in any relationship where we have a strong emotional investment.

  • We will learn about our highest potential once these defensive patters have been seen and dissolved.

  • How we don’t need to improve ourselves, we just need to become aware of our defenses and dissolve them through self-forgiveness and self-love. Once we dissolve these patterns our natural genius and natural expression arises spontaneously and effortlessly
  • You will become much more natural in the way you express yourself.

  • You will develop compassion for yourself and others defensive patterns 
    understanding that these patterns developed through no fault of your own.

  • You will have the clarity and curiosity to explore your own childhood and how it has greatly influenced you adult life today.

  • Your health will benefit greatly because these protective patterns actually constrict your life force. We can say constriction of the life force is the beginning of all disease..

  • Your relationships with others will greatly improve because you will no longer feel the need to defend yourself.


Saturday October 16th    10am – 2pm
Dissolving the Victim Mind – Transmission & Meditations

Friday October 22nd          8pm – 9.30pm     
Group interactive feedback, breakout rooms, sharing and Q & A

Saturday October 23rd        10am – 2pm
The Wonder of Uncertainty.  – Transmission & Meditations

Friday October 29nd          8pm – 9.30pm     
Group interactive feedback, breakout rooms, sharing and Q & A

Saturday October 30        10am – 2pm
How safe does your body feel in this world?  – Transmission & Meditations

Friday November 5th        8pm – 9.30pm 
Group interactive feedback, breakout rooms, sharing and Q & A

  • Anyone who wants to understand how they developed defenses as a child to protect them from pain.

  • Anyone currently having relationship challenges and desires more harmony peace and love.

  • Anyone who wants to experience greater health and vitality.

  • Anyone who wants to exepereince  breakthrough in how they relate to life.

Price and Registration

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Regular Price £120.00
Early Bird up to 30th September: £100.00