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MAY ONENESS BE WITH YOU BY Sylvia-Saida Arnolds.

Hello, my name is Sylvia-Saida Arnolds.

I come from the mystic tradition of sufism. I have also studied Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi intensely for over two decades now which I am currently teaching.

As a healer I am as well giving healing sessions in my natural healing practice in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have always been very focused on oneness in my life and work, oneness of body, mind, soul and spirit in the human being, oneness of soul and existence, oneness with nature and ultimately in the natural oneness of being, the Tao.

In 2004, I was introduced to an auspiciously beautiful and effective Qi Gong form by Andrew Fretwell, which is known as Wu Ji Gong, Primordial Qi Gong or Tai Chi for Enlightenment. I was immediately deeply touched by its grace and its potential (a regular practice is necessary) especially to awaken and nourish the heart.

This form has the potential of bringing us very profound healing, vitalization and inner light, the light of the our “true face” which was there before we were even born. It awakes us to the Supreme Unknown, the Wuji. The whole intension of this Qi Gong form is again on oneness and oneness in its most natural state in the human being is enlightenment, is Being/Tao.

This form is collecting the natural energies of all the different directions, as well as of earth and heaven and is joining them in oneness in your center (Dantien). By doing so, it is dissolving all kinds of tensions and blockages you have been holding in your body, mind and soul and even your psychological rolls which your where playing out maybe even unconsciously, just anything which is not your natural state of existence.

WuJi Gong brings you back to your essence, your most natural state of being, to health, relaxation, vitality, abundance of energy… The founder of WuJi Gong was, as you may know, no one less than Chang San Fan, who was one of the greatest masters ever especially on inner alchemy.

He is also the one who elevated the famous Tai Chi Chuan for monks to defend themselves against bandits without having to take their focus away from meditation. He was already during his lifetime most highly knowledge and appreciated, a time where in China inner alchemy had reached its highest unfoldment.

Through Wu Ji Gong is really simple to learn and to practice, it applies all this deep old knowledge of inner alchemy! It is all gathered in this simple form. That is why WuJi Gong is so very transforming and life-changing!

During my years of sharing Wu Ji Gong I have seen literally miracles unfold. Health was restored in many cases, the eyes of the students after practicing some weeks were starting to really shine, to radiate with inner light again, all kind of tensions where dissolving and everyone felt much more rooted in their center and spirit. The connection to nature, earth and heaven is strengthened or even felt for the very first time.

I had one student, who was working in the fields of computer and never felt any subtle energies in his body. Through practicing Wu Ji Gong, his whole energy bodies were awakened and to his own surprise one day they opened all for him and he could very clearly feel the energies of the earth rising up his feet so strongly that he was completely sweetend afterwards. He was puzzled. He had tried to feel anything for 5 years and only through WuJi Gong it finally happened. He is a completely new man now with so much love and light in his eyes!

Only for that kind of an experience alone Wu Ji Gong is already worth a try and a regular practice. Do it and much more miracles will be yours – for sure. What you get in exchange to what you have to invest is absolutely worth it! It is priceless precious!

Much love to you and blessings from Düsseldorf, Germany.

May Oneness be with you! Saida