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I reasoned if it worked for me, it should work for others. I went home tested it on my wife Joyce. Just watching me do it, she felt right away a very powerful Qi transmission. We began doing it together, and it changed our relationship and our lives. We felt more centered, more aligned with the All That Is, and more in touch with our true selves. Doing Primordial Tai Chi together became a new bond in our marriage.

I began teaching it, and have watched it change thousands of other lives. The changes seem to happen effortlessly, arising from within. But of course the effortless transformation – a kind of alchemical magic – only happens after the effort of doing the form occurs. For some it’s immediate, for other it takes time. Yet it is sacred movement that initiates the process of change.

Tai chi and qigong work on identical principles. Tai chi typically applies Qi to fighting and qigong to medical or spiritual self-cultivation. Both focus on harmonizing yin-yang and 5-phase flows of Qi and then applying them, either to self-defense or healing. Wu Ji Gong was invented in China 800 years ago by the inventor of tai chi, and it shares qualities from both tai chi and qigong traditions. Hence the use of both qigong and tai chi to translate wu ji gong into English.

It took me years of studying and meditating upon Wu Ji Gong’s alchemical magic to figure out that not only did it harmonize yin-yang Qi flows, but that it also has a unique power to awaken and concentrate the presence of Original Breath (Yuan Qi). This is an extremely subtle energy that connects us directly to Tao or Source or “the God of Your Understanding” (choose your preferred language). Cultivating Original Breath is the main focus of Taoist internal alchemy meditation. I realized I had stumbled upon a sacred movement ritual that spontaneously stimulates a process of inner alchemy.