with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell




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ANSWER: Longing comes more from personality than the Soul. You have to go deeper into the longing. What I have noticed in myself is we are afraid to feel these longings because we think we will get overwhelmed by them. So it’s a very important question and very human experience. Let me start by saying that all longing is always fulfilled when we realise who we truly are. If you just for one second had an experience of the majesty of your Soul, you would recognize that longing is an illusion. But we are human so we need to honour those longings.

The issue here is the attachment. We have a longing and we are attached to it coming true, and that stops us from achieving that. It’s my experience that when we go more into the pain of that longing, that energy actually has to move.

This morning when I was feeling the pain of not having a home, I could feel the feelings coming out of the lungs and I had all these tears, I could really feel the feeling.  As I allowed myself to feel that feeling more and more, I felt peace. So my deep encouragement is to go more into the feeling. Not the mental, but the feeling in the body. And you have to get to this place where the energy moves, because your Soul wants you to feel that. So you can trust it. 

The only reason you feel helpless or purposeless, is because you haven’t opened enough yet. I really understand you, I felt like that for a lot of my life, sometimes I still can feel that, but I’ve learnt to trust all of it. We have to trust it. Life doesn’t want to punish us. So it’s about trust actually, start trusting that longing with no agenda. A lot of the pain is because we want it so much. So just trust that longing and go into it. And let the tears flow. And I guarantee you when you get in touch with the pain and the tears start to flow, you won’t feel that purposelessness, you will feel very soft and open.

When we will do the Fusion, you can bring that sense of purposelessness into the centre. It’s usually coming from the metal phase of the life force and is stored as old memories in the  Lungs.