Beyond WuJi Gong’s benefits to radiant health, its power to align with Tao cosmology and nourish our highest destiny, is the sheer joy of it opening our heart to what is called “divine love” in the West. The ancient Taoists would use their own language, and simply say the Original Breath (Yuan Qi) of the Great Tao enters our body. Original Breath is the Qi that transmits the Pure Love vibration of the pulsing heart of the Cosmos before it self-polarizes into yin-yang Qi and becomes the matrix of Creation.

Original Breath is the energetic ground and life blood of Creation. It literally breathes life into this Cosmos. Think of the Yuan Qi in our bodies as the pure energy of a cosmic stem cell.  Yuan Qi or Original Breath is also similar to divine grace or divine love in western language because it flows into every aspect of creation and is the ground of all material form. Christians might call it Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit; every culture has a name for some divine all penetrating energy. But do they have a method to capture its essence?

Original Breath is the invisible energy that is anywhere and everywhere, all the time — which makes it nearly impossible to grasp. How does a fish “grasp” water, when it’s so small and the ocean so vast? Like fish, most humans don’t even try to grasp the essence of the Life Force or Qi field – it’s a cosmic ocean of energy that feels too far beyond our puny mind.

That is why we humans need a bridge that we can walk across, one step at a time. WuJi Gong is such a bridge that leads into the heart of the cosmos. It’s a moving ritual. As we dance-walk across this “moving bridge”, we first balance yin and yang Qi, harmonize the 5 elements/directions, then gradually learn to concentrate and breathe Yuan Qi in our core. We discover we can infuse its invisible power into our personal Energy Body, the inner soul space from which we (as personality) create and navigate our daily life.

I am modern and typically eclectic in my spiritual explorations. The last four decades I delved into kundalini and kriya yoga, martial styles of tai chi and bagua zhang (a spiraling internal martial art), many kinds of meditation (Dzogch;en, Hindu & Budddhist tantra, zen, sufi, esoteric Christian). I had all this plus 17 years experience in medical qigong when I learned WuJi Gong from Zhu Hui in 1997.

All of them did wonderful things for me. I felt my heart was already wide open, my Qi healing power strong, my life was rich and satisfying. But Primordial Tai Chi was a quantum leap in simplicity and effortlessness as a Way to open my heart to even deeper dimensions of my greater Self. A whole new cycle of self-completion began in my life. I felt practice of Primordial Tai Chi boosted me into a higher octave of consciousness and an even higher destiny than I was previously able to imagine.

I was not surprised to find out from Zhu Hui that WuJi Gong’s main medical use in China was to cure heart disease and high blood pressure. I believe the major cause of heart disease is lack of Self-love, not high cholesterol. It is primarily our resistance to loving ourselves that cause our blood vessels to mirror the lack of love by clogging our arteries and causing heart attacks. Another major cause of heart disease is too much refined sugar, which triggers cellular inflammation (false yang fire or damp heat in Chinese medicine).

Can WuJi Gong cure false fire? Again, people eat excess sweets because they are hungry to feel the ground of sweetness within themselves. The outer sweets are a temporary substitute for the sweet inner Self-love they have not yet allowed themselves to taste. This health problem is epidemic in modern life, often surfacing as diabetes. I often prescribe WuJi Gong to clients who suffer from a lack of Self-love. It’s a super-food for our body and soul, a great substitute for addictive eating, drug abuse, or chronic bad relationships. These all mal-nourish us, leave us starved for “Love Qi”. WuJi        Gong offers a very high nutrition Qi medicine. Those who “take the medicine” by practicing it daily get powerful results – IF they put their heart into it.