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The Golden Gate as a bridge between East and West is an apt metaphor for the form. Allow me to leap ahead nearly two decades. After teaching this form to many thousands of people, what are the primary benefits of Wu Ji Gong? This form is a spiritual bridge for anyone who chooses to cross it by simply practicing it regularly. It is truly an inner Golden Gate portal to the secrets of the Tao. It empowers our self-healing, smoothes the karmic obstacles on our path and helps us achieve the spiritual centeredness needed to choose our Highest Destiny.

This powerful 800 year old lineage Qi Gong ceremony integrates the graceful flow of Tai Chi, the magic square of Feng Shui, the dynamic inner coupling of Taoist alchemy, the healing benefits of medical Qi Gong, and the earthly transmission power of China’s original Tai Chi form.

Wu Ji Gong offers a safe, physically graceful and easy, spiritually grounded energetic structure for learning to surrender in new ways to the ocean of Love Qi that spans heaven and earth. That’s why I evolved my translation of Wu Ji Gong into “Primordial Tai Chi for Enlightened Self-Love”. If translated literally, it is “skill at entering the Supreme Unknown”.

But even to approach the Supreme Unknown requires us to first cross the ocean of All That Is Knowable. In my experience over 36 years of deep alchemical meditation, there is a field of immense stillness surrounding the wuji portal. It emanates a standing wave of Pure Love Qi nourishing from within the All That Is Knowable. The Unknown stays unknowable, but we can still know the infinite love flowing from it into manifestation.

The All That Is Knowable is our cosmos’ Original Nature, or from the human perspective, our Original Self. My experience of this Self? It took me 30 years of alchemical meditation and 13 years of Wu Ji Gong to irrefutably know it in 2010 as an immense, overwhelmingly vast feeling of love radiating from in a higher dimension inside everything. Wu Ji Gong is a ceremony to upload the Self-loving nature of this Cosmic Qi field as it spontaneously Self-arises first as the matrix of Time & Space, then flows into our tiny human body-mind.

That’s a big claim to make. For some it may seem too abstract or based on my personal filters. But we don’t need to debate the idea. Anyone can test for themselves the effects by doing this 12 minute sacred dance ceremony, learned in 2 hours. Simple movements, but with profound connections to the heart of all things Tao.

When I sat down at age 60 (in 2011) to write about Wu Ji Gong after 15 years of near daily practice, I found my vast ocean of experience required a two volume book and six years of writing. I didn’t mind the six years it’s taken so far, because my practice keeps revealing new subtleties that deepen my immersion in Taoist process. Wu Ji Gong is the perfect springboard to share focused and practical knowledge about Tao. I’ve avoided writing dozens of books as I evolved, knowing most would be forgotten. I promised myself to digest my lifetime of Taoist cultivation into to one or two books that will endure.