with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell




  • Dissolve deep unconscious resistance to more enjoyment of life.
  • Receive the benefit of a full acupuncture treatment without leaving the comfort of your own home.
  • Balance the 2 deepest core Yin and Yang channel’s in your energy body
  • Learn how the 12 acupuncture meridians that most acupuncturists treat are really only the surface level of our personality.
  • The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl addresses a deeper dimension of your energy body your Soul. This literally is a Soul Healing Practice. So instead of trying to “fix” things on the surface level, we balance the flow of yin-yang Qi from within, on a  far deeper level.
  • Go to the root of all energy imbalances in your body.It is a wonderful preparation for the next module on Emotional Alchemy
  • Clear dysfunctional stubborn repeating psychic patterns known as “our resistance”. It does this by bypassing the conscious mind and harmonizing you at the level of your blood and energy or what the Taoists call Jing and Chi.


The weekend meetings start at 8 pm BALI time, (Andrews Location).  7am Eastern Standard Time in the USA (New York)  & 1pm European Central Time (Paris) . The intensive weekend training lasts  5 hours per day. All weekend trainings are recorded for later review.

Andrew has done his best to make the times as supportive as possible for as many different time zones. If you have a concern or question about the times please schedule a call to discuss.

This is where Andrew will transmit all the different Qi Gong  forms and Inner Alchemy meditataions. The weekends are  a mixture of theory , lectures and group practice.

The Qi Gong forms and Inner Alchemy meditations learned on these longer in-depth weekend training are explained and clarified by Andrew based on each student’s individual needs.  Each student will then apply what is learnt on the weekends into their daily life

The ultimate goal of this ongoing 6-month training is spiritual independence and the ability to transmit to others everything you have learned and embodied.

Yes as best you can, it is always valuable to attend these weekend teaching modules live. But in case of other commitments and unexpected emergencies it is always possible to catch up via the recordings.



This program is Limited to 10 COMITTED students (3 PLACES AVAILABLE)

  Value Exchange: £6,000  UK Pounds

25% DISCOUNT (£4,500) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 1ST 2022 ENDED
20% DISCOUNT (£4,800) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 30TH 2022 ENDED
15% DISCOUNT (£5,100) if 50% deposit paid before OCTOBER 31ST 2022 ENDED

Payment plans available please schedule a call below to discuss.

To apply or ask questions about the 2023 program, please schedule a call with Andrew by clicking on the button below.