with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell




Because this training is a 6-month journey, all students will embody the formulas over time and at different levels.

This is not a certification process on what you know intellectually, but on what you can embody energetically.

The power of Internal Alchemy is embodied through your energy body. All teachers of Wu Ji Gong and Inner Alchemy understand and more importantly expereince that your energy body is what transmits the formulas to your students.

Over the previous two semesters for 2020 and 2021,  I was amazed at how much integrity and honesty were expressed by the students. Many felt they needed more practice before teaching and sharing whereas others who obviously had embodied the formulas felt very clear they wanted to certify,  

I have posted many of the questions and answers about the certification process below.


After about 4 months into the training, every student is asked to consider what Qi Gong forms and Inner Alchemy formulas they would like to certify in.

This is based on how much they feel that they have embodied the teachings in their energy body.

During the Tuesday weekly meetings leading up to the last weekend, each student will have the opportunity to lead the group in a Qi Gong form and/or the Inner Alchemy Formulas they feel they have embodied.

They will not only receive feedback from Andrew, but also all the students in the training will also share their experiences and give feedback.

In the previous semesters of 2020 and 2021 every student who took part especially appreciated this way of certifying.

Society of Free Taoists  (SoFT)

 Free Taoists value independence. Spiritual, political, economic, and personal independence means taking responsibility for our destiny. When we cultivate our unique Way, Five-phase Qi flows in harmony, Yin-Yang Qi is balanced. The portal opens for Humankind to return to our Original Nature (xing) and manifest loving inter-dependence.

Free Taoists grow our unique inner power (de), our gift from source. De is expressed in high personal integrity, by seeking to fulfill our soul mission and Highest Worldly Destiny (ming).

• Free Taoists use the heart-centered energy science of inner alchemy to cultivate the Original Breath of Life (Yuan Qi. It holds, our original feeling of Pure Love and Unity. This non-dual or neutral energy nourishes authentic Self-arising. It waters our creative Free Will and wu wei, the spontaneous play of Yin-Yang-Yuan Qi in the present moment.

Free Taoists cultivate multi-dimensional Self-love. We embrace our Cosmic Selfand feel Self-empowered by merging personal Energy Body with the Qi matrix of Space, Time & Beings.

• Free Taoists do not give our power away, nor take it from others. We do not need nor use titles like Master, Grand Master, or Guru that in English imply a pyramidal structure of authority. Appropriate titles are sifu, teacher, elder, mentor, guide, instructor, beloved friend, wise brother/sister, or non-capitalized description such as “master of qigong” (or other quality such as healing, Tao, etc). This minimizes inflation of spiritual eg



This program is Limited to 10 COMITTED students (3 PLACES AVAILABLE)

  Value Exchange: £6,000  UK Pounds

25% DISCOUNT (£4,500) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 1ST 2022 ENDED
20% DISCOUNT (£4,800) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 30TH 2022 ENDED
15% DISCOUNT (£5,100) if 50% deposit paid before OCTOBER 31ST 2022 ENDED

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