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from 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. BULGARIAN TIME

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Each person possesses unique gifts that are part of their authentic essence!

One of the main goals of the “Gene Keys” system is to support every single person on his way to discovering his own natural gifts and fully realizing them in his everyday life!

The wisdom of the Gene Keys
is here to bring new inspiration and courage to every single person who wants to achieve a conscious, joyful, and fulfilling life.

In order to demonstrate the practical power of the “Gene Keys” system, we invite you to the first-ever FESTIVAL OF GENIUS

 If you are brand new to the Gene Keys please generate your free gene keys profile at the link below so you can follow along.  

Your SQ: Also known as the ‘Love Point’, this Sphere relates to your first seven-year cycle from birth to age 7. As this is our physical developmental cycle, this Gene Key governs the primary physiological rhythms and structural patterns that are the basis of your identity. When your awareness reaches deep down into your Love Point, you are on the cusp of the permanent reopening of your heart for the first time since early childhood. The Shadow of this Gene Key is an unconscious pattern that undermines your self-esteem. Working through this Shadow and opening up the Gift and Siddhi of this Gene Key ensures that all your relationships can finally become deeply fulfilling and transparent.

Your Core/Vocation: The Sphere of your Core relates to the 9-month gestation period, when all your life’s patterns – physical, emotional and mental were imprinted inside your mother’s womb. Your Core reveals the final layer of your deepest potential. Woven into your DNA is an ancient wound that you share with all humanity. As your awareness penetrates this place inside yourself, so you will paradoxically experience your unity with all beings. The Shadow of this Gene Key conceals your highest Vocation – that great Gift that can one day motivate you to excel in life. As you unlock this Gene Key through following your Venus Sequence back through your childhood, you can one day bring your awareness back to the point of conception, to this wonderful mystery in which all your suffering is transformed into your

Your Pearl: Your Pearl represents a great harvest in your life. This Gene Key brings you rewards and grace once you have let go of its underlying Shadow pattern. The Shadow of this Gene Key makes you tight, especially when you allow stress to lead you away from the beautiful and the simple. And you become tight when you succumb to the status quo, and compromise a life that could be exquisite for a life of drudgery and monotony. The Gift and Siddhi of this Gene Key remind you of what is essential in your life. When you bring your full awareness onto these Gifts, you will experience a clarity that most people can only dream of.

Please note the ZOOM invitation will be in Bulgarian language but do not worry, sign up and schedule to watch the English presentations on the 8th 9th, and 14th of December.