The Inner Alchemy Revolution


I predict one day in the very near future Inner Alchemy (Soul Cultivation) will revolutionize spirituality and will allow the frequency of forgiveness to enter into our DNA and dissolve all the ancestral wounding contained there.

It’s this ancestral wounding that keeps us separate from the majesty of our Souls. This Forgiveness that is the very essence of our Souls will lead to a rebirth for humanity.

My own personal Soul mission is to share the step by step practical process of how to open and keep open the deeper connection pathways between your Soul and personality

All Inner Alchemy is based on resonance. One of the more advanced training in Inner Alchemy is to align (resonate) your personal energy body to the Earth’s energy body, often called the Schumann resonance. When we align our DNA with this resonance we slow down deeply on the inside and become magnetic on the outside as we align with our highest destiny.

It’s not enough to conceptually know about our Souls and our greater collective self, we also very much need to embody our Soul frequency and virtues in this dimension so that it becomes our day to day reality.

Mark my words there is a revolution coming to human spirituality and it’s moving from the head to the heart and finally into the body. Unless you open to the possibility that your body can become enlightened by feeling and resonating, love peace and clarity you will always feel disconnected and incomplete no matter how much knowledge and awareness you have.

Inner Alchemy includes the body in the accession/embodiment process. It takes a little slower time in the beginning because we are so not present in our bodies.

We can confirm how important the body is in the accession/embodiment process, by contemplating how we feel when we make love with our beloved.

When we make love its the closest we come to what it feels like to have Soul consciousness downloaded into our cells especially during orgasm. It’s actually natural with regular training in Inner Alchemy to be in a constant state of inner lovemaking that is independent of a physical partner.

The outer merging of male and female bodies is really only a reflection and longing of what can happen within when we become conscious of how our androgynous soul is continually copulating within itself.

The only reason we don’t experience this is that our androgynous Soul is split into either a male or female body. Because we identify so deeply with our sexed male or female body.we feel incomplete, hence the hunger and seeking of completion through merging with the opposite sex.

So I hope you can see how important it is to awaken the body to the blissful nature of the Soul and merge them together. This is in my experience, the spiritual revolution awakening in humanity.