The Lungs of Mother Earth & the Metal Element


The Lungs of Mother Earth image source WWF

“After the coronavirus outbreak in China caused an economic slowdown, satellite images showed a dramatic decline in pollution levels over the country. Now the same effect may have been seen in northern Italy, where some towns have been under quarantine since late February.” BBC NEWS

The metal phase of the life force governs our breathing and is directly connected to the lungs of mother earth.  Because she breathes we can.

How many of us are tuned into that and see it as a real truth?  I mean really feel that what we do to mother Earth’s lungs we end up doing to our own.  At the deeper collective belief level what I think this virus is purging in all of us is the deep-seated belief that we are all separate. So I invite you to look very deeply at this and be very courageous and honest, both metal virtues of your soul. I for one am deeply contemplating my own selfishness and belief that I’m separate from the whole. My Wu Ji Gong practice is aligned and tuned into this.

Interestingly Metal is the individualizing aspect of the life force that allows the original spirit  (Yuan Shen, Yuan Qi, and Yuan Jing ) to become many individualized human Souls in seemingly separate bodies. We breathe when we enter this physical dimension and we give up our breath as we return to the formless realms of spirit.

The virtues of the metal element are righteousness, courage and integrity, yes we are meant to each become strong and rest in our integrity but not at the expense of the whole. I’d like to suggest that none of us are really immune to this (excuse the pun).

Metal governs in Taoist thinking what’s called the Po soul traditionally considered the most selfish of the internal body gods that make up our functioning personality that govern the 5 senses.

It’s the lung Po Soul that in the Taoist cultivation practices we transform into the gold of our true self over a lifetime in this physical dimension.  Perhaps those of you who have been on the growth path for a while have noticed this humbling effect of recognizing that your sense of personal identity is NOT the center of the universe.  In metal, we recognize the truth of the impersonal.

I like to quote my friend Richard Rudd here from the 4th Gene Key.

“Forgiveness is the realization that nothing is personal”

Can you imagine the world we would all live in if each one of us deeply accepted this and it became our core belief about life.?  I dare you to take this belief on its revolutionary!

Here is an educational unit I wrote for the OFT students in my school about the Metal element. I think its good to quote it here in the context of these worldwide changes.

“The evolutionary intent of the Metal phase within each human Soul is to gradually withdraw all identification with a personal reference point to the experience of life. Simultaneously completely honoring everything we feel to the level of the sacred.”

Metal shows us the abstract feeling nature of our Souls, as such, we tend to personalize what we feel intensely and build an identity around it.

The best way to understand this is by actually going through a deep healing process with OFT or any other evolutionary healing modality.

Anyone who has been through this will recognize how much pain is associated with a personal view of life and yet we need to go deeply into that pain at the same time as we surrender consciously with courage, which is a metal quality.  We recognize there is something deep inside each of us that has never been traumatized. This is the ruth of the impersonal I am pointing to in this article.

This is the ultimate paradox we need to feel more intensely than we ever have and it’s this very act that allows each soul to break through and recognize the truth of who we truly are which is never personal. Metal is a continual evolutionary pressure within us to make sacred what we feel but at the same time recognize we are not what we feel, a true paradox that can only be experienced.

Each shedding and transformation of a personal viewpoint that caused pain creates a felt sense within each soul that they are taking life far less personally. This is the metal elements  “Gold” being refined through life experience.

The result of this shedding of the person is that there is a felt sense of more neutrality and compassion for other individuals’ pain and the collective pain of humanity.  I believe we are seeing this process of the purging of selfish pain and the need to surrender, not collapse in this current worldwide pandemic.

There are many more things we could point to with this article like the collective perceived value (Metal) in the stock market, but that’s for another article and time.

With Love Andrew Kenneth Fretwell