with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

The power of our life and higher purpose is stored in our sexual and emotional energy. What our personality is conscious of is just the tip of the iceberg!

Picture this: our personality is like the surface, but underneath, our true potential, our vitality. And the essence of our higher calling are stored in the profound depths of our emotional and sexual energy. It’s time to tap into that wellspring and unlock the true force that propels us forward!

Join me online where I will share a very powerful but simple to learn Inner Alchemy (Soul Cultivation) meditation to awaken awareness of our Androgynous Soul and transmute and reclaim the life force trapped in the unconscious.

It’s not just about meditation. It’s a dynamic process designed to awaken our soul. This isn’t just some abstract concept—it’s about tapping into the rich reservoir of life force energy that often lies dormant in our unconscious.

We’ll learn to transmute and reclaim that vital energy. Unlocking untapped potential and connecting with the deeper dimensions of our being.

The practice is powerful yet simple, making it accessible for everyone. Join me, and let’s embark on this transformative journey that awaits within our own souls.

Start a new career or enhance your current one, by becoming a new graduate of the Wu Ji School of Inner Alchemy.  Every year there is an opportunity for 10 committed students to train with me in Inner Sexual Alchemy, over a 6 month period. Details below