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Inner Sexual Alchemy

This is the heart of the Alchemy. and attraction between the sexes. Alchemy is not just about combining Yin and Yang, marriage, etc, that’s outer alchemy.

Internal Alchemy is about combining the inner Yin within the Yang and the inner Yang within the Yin. Each individual does this within themselves, either consciously or unconsciously practiced through crisis..

The basic theory is that the essence of anything is in its opposite. You can see this very clearly within the famous Yin-Yang symbol.

Heart of Sexual Alchemy

So if you’re a male your essence is in the female, if you’re a female your essence is in the male.

That’s why you are attracted to it in the outer world because you’re trying to grasp that internally. It’s why when you make deep passionate love with the opposite sex (or anyone you are deeply attracted to) you want to merge and become one with your lover. 

Energetically this often happens right after you finish making physical love and you’re laying peacefully together basking in the energetic exchange.  You often lose awareness of your separate identity and merge with your lover. Physically of course this is not possible even though every atom of our existence longs for it.

So what do I mean by your inner essence is the opposite if you’re a male or female?  We all have an outer changing essence, but what is stabilizing you is this inner opposite complementary essence. Just like Yin and Yang need each other in order to form a whole, a Tai Chi

So you’re existing here in the physical manifest world as one polarity in either a physically sexed male or female body, but what is really stabilizing and holding you in whole, is this inner opposite, complementary essence.

So even though you may find someone of the opposite sex to stabilize that, you go into a relationship, it feels like it’s balancing you out. It’s not really balancing you out until you have internalized it.

This is the key and the hidden purpose of all relationships to unfold what’s unconscious deep inside of you. It’s putting you in a space where you can learn.

The relationship holds a stable outer space. This is what relationships are really about, it’s holding a stable outer space so you may receive teachings from your partner, or from anybody that you’re in a relationship with.

But, now comes the most important point, if you are a male until you find the inner female, and if you’re a female until you find the inner male, your soul will not feel complete.

You will continue seeking…………   also just saying “all is one” will not address this basic body longing!

My 6 month Inner Alchemy Mentoring program address this basic longing its called the Lesser Enlightenment of Water and Fire and it’s about completing this longing within yourself this is sometimes called the inner marriage.

This inner marriage happens deep in your energetic core channel in the body, and just like in an outer relationship in the physical plane, the result is often a child.  In the deeper dimensions within you, it’s the same, but this time you’re birthing the original spirit, the Yuan Chi the hidden third stabilizing stream of the life force. This is the hidden meaning behind what Jesus stated.

“Unless you become as a little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Heaven here is a code word for unity consciousness

You see there are always three streams to the life force.  Expanding is the Yang force, contracting is the Yin force, and the hidden third force which is stabilizing both. Without this hidden third force, which actually births Yin and Yang life would not exist. It’s never two forces, whenever you have two there are always three.

So the longer you are in a conscious relationship the more this invisible force, this stabilizing original energy will arise out of the coupling of your attraction. 

So this is what happens in the Internal Alchemy practice as well. You bring the inner soul forces together in your central channel; you open up an inner portal to the original energy, the holy of holies, the original spirit, that part of us that exists beyond time, beyond conditioning, beyond karma.

You begin to birth this original spirit into manifestation within your healed soul/energy body. You gradually shift your identity from this outer-sexed body and personality and all its drama to this inner essence that’s androgynous.

So your physical body stays sexed of course but the internal driving force, this very powerful soul longing for the opposite starts to calm down inside of you. Your energy/soul body now has access to the stabilizing original spirit; you have in effect started to heal your longing.  The result being, you become far more relaxed and peaceful inside through this deep healing soul practice.

If you want to learn how to do this within your own energy body please consider joining my 6-month Inner alchemy training. More details are at the link below