Invite a magical flow into the lives of everyone you share Wu Ji Gong with. 


Jérémy Marty
Jérémy MartyWu Ji Gong Senior Teacher
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"I want to thank Andrew Kenneth Fretwell and recommend his wonderful 6 Weeks online Wu Ji Gong Teacher Training.

Through this training, I could integrate in a such wonderful way. I have more sense about what it is to feel unified and less divided.

Never before did I gain so much clarity about the psychological reasons why we need to move our bodies as "one" from the center of the body. A lot of new awareness is now flowing in my body mind and soul. It is if I know I am moving as one instinctively.

This training has given me so many pictures and ideas of how I can teach Wu Ji Gong to beginners and help them with this very important base when we start.

I love it! Deep thankyou!

Kostas Vahopoulos
Kostas VahopoulosWu Ji Gong Teacher
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"My participation in the online Teacher's Training has really impressed me. The program is structured in such a way as to guide you step by step towards completion.

You don't just learn the moves in depth but all the theory behind them giving you an understanding, and confidence as to what you are doing and how you can pass it on to others.

Andrew's ability to transmit with such clarity and at the same time simplicity all this material which is vast and extremely subtle is unique.

He gives you confidence and security so that you can go deeper into your practice and connect with your soul. I feel very lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this program.​
Sol Sternius
Sol SterniusWu Ji Gong Teacher & Inner Alchemy Trainer
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"Hello Everybody,

I have been practising Wu Ji Gong for almost 3 years Wu Ji Gong feels like a gift from deeper dimensions that supports us all deeply. ,

This course helped me feel more inspired in my practise It also brought me a more holistic understanding of Wu Ji Gong I appreciated the 6 modules, that each week made me see Wu Ji Gong in a new light,

The group and Andrews teaching was very loving, supportive and full of wisdom,

If you have been thinking about taking this course, i can warmly recommend it from my own experience,

Warm regards from Sol


Join Wu Ji Gong.Org founder Andrew Kenneth Fretwell  and the many teacher trainees from all over the world who have already become certified Wu Ji Gong Teachers through attending this online training.

To qualify and be able to take this training you need to know the Wu Ji Gong movements, have taken the basic course online with Andrew or a live training with a certified teacher.

You also need to have taken  the Advanced Training with Andrew and have been practicing daily for at least two months.

Study at your own pace with six in-depth training modules created by Andrew Kenneth Fretwell.

In between the modules, we highly recommend practicing what you have learned in the modules, for at least 7 days. before moving on to the next module.

You will also be receiving ongoing support via a Private Telegram Group where Andrew will be available and other teachers to answer any questions you may have.

Every module listed below will deepen your ability to share Wu Ji Gong in a powerful aligned way with new students. .

By the end of these 6 modules, you will have all the tools you need, to support new students and help them understand the profundity of the Wu Ji Gong practice, and how it initiates the unfolding of longevity & deep spiritual peace.  Your personal practice will also deepen your ability to initiate more synchronicity and flow in your life.



Share with everyone you train the importance of moving the body as one, from the lower tan tien (Lower abdomen as your bodily center of gravity.)

Support your students to rest their awareness in their door of destiny (MING MEN) and see how much power is released with this very simple but profound shift in bodily awareness.

Andrew will explain in detail what the MING MEN is, its mystical origins in Taoist practice, and why it is so important. for every practitioner to have conscious awareness of its location this is where the Yuan Qi flows into the physical dimension.

Every Wu JI Gong teacher needs to be grounded in their awareness of this powerful center and be able to explain its importance within the Wu JI Gong practice. 

Ming Man

Cultivating, understanding, and explaining to new students the energy body.  What it is, and why it is so important in Wu Ji Gong practice. 

Andrew will be sharing the 9 cosmic spirals  Qi Gong which is specifically designed to strengthen Wu Ji Gong teacher’s energy body.

Regular practice for one week will be encouraged to see its effect on your own personal practice of Wu Ji Gong.

Andrew will provide an audio recording so you can just listen and practice effortlessly the 9 cosmic spirals.

Developing your Qi through the Cultivation of  Joy.

The Eternal Inner Smile is not something we do with our minds but is the very root and deepest aspect of what it truly means to be a human being.

Teaching Wu Ji Gong without awarenss and embodiment of the Eternal Inner Smile will leave your Wu Ji Gong practice half cooked. 

We will be learning how to resolve inner and outer conflicts. How the Eternal Inner Smile is the beginning and the ultimate end of our spiritual journey.

We will learn how to introduce this profound practice easily and simply to new students.

100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile - Infant

Understand and explain simply the Taoist terms
MING & XING translated simply as longevity and spiritual peace.

The practice of the Earth Sequence enhances the 12 regular meridians and creates longevity. The practice of the Heaven Sequence enhances deep spiritual peace.

The combination of the Earth and Heaven sequences is the cultivation of the true human being.

Redwood National and State Parks - Calaveras Big Trees State Park

How does Wu JI Gong accelerate your spiritual and worldly evolution? 

With this module, you will be able to explain simply and with clarity to new students how regular practice of Wu Ji Gong speeds up your evolution.

Everything in nature from your fingerprints to vast cosmic galaxys evolves through spirals. The whole Wu Ji Gong form has built into it these spiraling movements.

Illustration - Pixabay


All of the previous modules have been preparing us for the profound work of understanding where our resistance to more fulfillment and peace in life arises from! 

Andrew will explain the difference between authentic spiritual peace and personal power, compared to the addictive swings of depression and happiness, which many people experience in society today. 

Andrew will explain why regular Wu Ji Gong practice  will reveal your inner resistance to experiencing more peace and personal power in your life.

Many beginner students stop practicing when they meet their inner resistance not realizing that they are right on the cusp of experiencing more fulfillment, and personal power. 

As a new Wu JI Gong Teacher, you have to understand and be able to explain this to new students in a compassionate and clear way so that you give new students the best possible chance of a breakthrough in their lives.


Mood-Swings to depression and happiness



When your click the purchase now link below you will be re-directed to STRIPE to make your payment and you will be able to start streaming the teacher training content within 4 hours. I want to congratulate you on your choice to become a  Certified Teacher of Wu Ji Gong.

With Love:   Andrew Kenneth Fretwell  Founder & Educational Director.


The main requirement to apply to be a teacher is that you know the movements of the form this means you have taken a basic course online with Andrew or live with a Certified Teacher. You also need to have taken the Advanced Training with Andrew and you have been practicing daily for at least 2 months.

During this online teacher training, there will be small written tests after every module to make sure you understand and have personal experience of the content transmitted in the modules. Andrew is very confident that if you embody the teachings of each of these  6 modules you will have everything you need to support new students of Wu Ji Gong.

Yes everyone who completes the online teacher training successfully will receive a certificate and be listed on this international website. You can see an example of the certificate issued below and an example of a teacher listing on the website. Teachers can also list their courses on the international web site

We will be studying each of the modules that are available for streamiung at our streaming provider GumRoad.com.

You can attend from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You will need privacy and a quiet space where you can practice the Wu Ji form and have a place to lie or sit for relaxation and meditation. It is up to you how long you take for each module, but we recommend you spend at least a week practising what you have learned.

After each module there is a small written exam consisting of three simple questions based on the module you just studied.

YES, there is be a private TELEGRAM group where all the students who have ever attend the training can interact with each other and Andrew. The address for this private group will be sent to you after you register.  Please note you will need the telegram app installed on your mobile.

In past trainings with Andrew, all the students expressed how supportive this was for them.

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Society of Free Taoists (SoFT) an inititive by Micheal Win

 Free Taoists value independence. Spiritual, political, economic, and personal independence means taking responsibility for our destiny. When we cultivate our unique Way, Five-phase Qi flows in harmony, Yin-Yang Qi is balanced. The portal opens for Humankind to return to our Original Nature (xing) and manifest loving inter-dependence.

Free Taoists grow our unique inner power (de), our gift from source. De is expressed in high personal integrity, by seeking to fulfill our soul mission and Highest Worldly Destiny (ming).

• Free Taoists use the heart-centered energy science of inner alchemy to cultivate the Original Breath of Life (Yuan Qi. It holds, our original feeling of Pure Love and Unity. This non-dual or neutral energy nourishes authentic Self-arising. It waters our creative Free Will and wu wei, the spontaneous play of Yin-Yang-Yuan Qi in the present moment.

Free Taoists cultivate multi-dimensional Self-love. We embrace our Cosmic Selfand feel Self-empowered by merging personal Energy Body with the Qi matrix of Space, Time & Beings.

• Free Taoists do not give our power away, nor take it from others. We do not need nor use titles like Master, Grand Master, or Guru that in English imply a pyramidal structure of authority. Appropriate titles are sifu, teacher, elder, mentor, guide, instructor, beloved friend, wise brother/sister, or non-capitalized description such as “master of qigong” (or other quality such as healing, Tao, etc). This minimizes inflation of spiritual eg



When your click the purchase now link below you will be re-directed to our payment provider stripe to make your payment, and you will be able to start streaming the teacher training content within 4 hours. I want to congratulate you on your choice to become a  Certified Teacher of Wu Ji Gong.

With Love:   Andrew Kenneth Fretwell  Founder & Educational Director.