with Michael Winn

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise. It faces the Pacific Ocean, a symbol of communication between America and the Orient. It’s appropriate that WuJi Gong, one of the crown jewels of Chinese spirituality, was first transmitted in America beside the Golden Gate. Primordial Tai Chi itself is a bridge that helps humans span the vast vibrational ocean of space between heaven and earth.

 This form also embodies the principles of feng shui, the science of Directionology – how location and timing affect the flow of Qi and destiny. The initial transmission in America of this form in San Francisco has feng shui significance.

I was born in San Francisco in the Presidio, now a park at one end of the Golden Gate Bridge with tall Eucalyptus trees. My mother could see the Golden Gate from her window in Letterman Army Hospital where she birthed me. My grandfather (a general in the Army Medical Corps) had been Commanding Officer, there was a Winn Way street named after him. Taoist Ni Hua Ching once looked at my Chinese astrology chart and intuited the presence of the bridge when he asked, “Is there a large structure nearby where you were born? I feel it has a significant influence on your destiny in conveying Taoism to the West.”

It was fitting that my first experience of Primordial Tai Chi was in San Francisco near the Golden Gate bridge. Learning this form felt like a rebirth for me. I had already been studying Taoist arts for sixteen years, and before that yogic arts. Yet learning WuJi Gong was totally fresh — like China had come to my hometown in San Francisco and graced me with one of her deepest secrets, a spiritual crown jewel. Beyond my personal destiny, I feel the presence of the Golden Gate bridge is a blessing that supports the spread of WuJi Gong in the West.