Summer International WuJi Gong Gathering in Denmark

18th to 21st August 2016 on Bornholm Island
WuJi Gong and The 5 Elements


“Dear WuJi  friends – I have been diving deeply into the power of the 5 inner elemental soul forces contained within every human being. It has become crystal clear to me that without fusing our inner soul team into an integrated whole it’s very challenging to make real progress on our journey to fulfill our destiny.

During this WuJi Gong Gathering I will share new insights and practices about these 5 elemental soul forces. We will combine physical Wuji Gong Practice with silent sitting practice.” 

- Andrew Fretwell.

Come to Denmark  and receive new inspiration on the Magical Island of Bornholm. A small rocky island in the Baltic Sea with very powerful natural energies, which will support all of us as a community to go deeper.

WuJi Gong and The 5 Elements
Cultivating our Inner Virtues to fulfill our deepest Destiny



Earth: Our power to trust life absolutely.

Recognizing that the whole universe is truly us. Therefore any experience along the pain pleasure spectrum that comes towards us we accept as part of our greater self.  (Easy to say very difficult to practice). Earth grants us this power.

Water: Our power to relax our body and align with divine will.

In water we can experience the state the Taoists called Wu We, by aligning our personal will with the divine will.

Wood: Our power of humanity and benevolence towards ourselves and others

Often we feel internal conflict between our own needs and the needs of partners, family, groups and society at large. This is explained beautifully in 5 element theory as a split between the Po metal spirit in the lungs and the Hun soul in the liver.

Fire: Our power to unconditionally accept and respect of all beings.

As we develop our Inner Fire we will very naturally give up our identification with our judgments. Ultimately all judgment is self-judgment.

Metal: Our power of Strength, Integrity and Majesty.

By cultivating our inner Metal we strengthen our self-belief and inner integrity. Can we accept that each individual soul is majestic in its own unique way?  In metal we confront our hidden shame, – the felt sense that we need to improve, and that we are not good enough.


Danhostel Hasle will be our base
with lovely indoor and outdoor spaces for practicing WuJi Gong.


Here in the outskirts of the small town of Hasle, we are only 300 meters to the sandy beach. The woods with small lakes are also within walking-distance, and so is the powerful rocky coast on the north side of Hasle.

In this beautiful and powerful nature we will dive into r WuJi Gong and The 5 Elements. – We will strengthen and cultivate our inner virtues by aligning with the outer nature. – Between Heaven and Earth, Sea and Rocks, Lake and Wood.

At the hostel we will eat lovely vegetarian food. – During free time we will enjoy as well, – swimming, walking, relaxing. We will also have time to exchange experiences and  how we practice, teach and organize WuJi Gong in the different countries.




Thursday 18.8:

8.30 p.m.: Get together: Coffee/tee.

Welcome presentation.

Friday 19.8.:

7.30 a.m.: Morning-WuJi

8.00 a.m.: Breakfast

9.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.: Workshop

12.30 p.m.: Lunch

3-7 p.m.: Workshops (indoor and in nature)

7 p.m.: Dinner                                                                                                                          

9 p.m.: After-sunset-WuJi Gong.


Saturday 20.8.:  

Programm same as Friday

8.30 p.m.: Sunset-WuJi-Gong

9 p.m.: Meeting: “WuJi Gong 2017”:



Sunday 21.8.:

7.30 a.m.: Morning-WuJi

8.00 a.m.: Breakfast

9.30-11.30 a.m.: Workshop

11.30-11.45 a.m.: Break

11.45 a.m-12.30 p.m.: Closing circle

12.30 p.m.: Lunch

2 p.m: Fare-well


1 water

Total price for the 3 days: 3,200 DKK

The price includes teaching and food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus 3 nights of accommodation in the hostel, 2 persons together in a family-room. Danhostel Hasle has got 19 family-rooms and good common rooms. If you want a single room, it costs 750 DKK extra for the three nights. You can also bring your own bed linen and towels, or you can book it beforehand.

Bed linen (3 parts): 60 DKK

One bath-towel: 20 DKK


We will eat lovely vegetarian food – predominantly organic. If you want vegan food or food without gluten, milk and nightshade, please tell us, when you register for the Gathering. When we meet, we will organize some working teams for breakfast, washing up etc.

Lunch and dinner will be prepared by a cook.


Registration and payment:

You register by sending an Email plus paying a deposit of 1000 DKK. You send the registration by Email to Lis Vaergman,
In the mail you write your name and address, and also if you have special request for food, single room, bed linen and towels.

You transfer the money to the bank: Merkur Andelskasse. IBAN: DK5184010001553850 Swift / BIC: MEKUDK21, or you can use  –  which is cheaper than banks (recommended by Andrew)

Please, take bank charges into account, so that we receive the right amount in our bank account, and remember to write your name and WuJi Bornholm on the money-transfer to our bank.

1st of July is the final date for payment of the full amount of 3200 DKK (deposit 1000 DKK plus the balance of 2200 DKK) and also your supplementary booking (single room, bed linen, towels).


Cancellation Policy:

  1. If you get in a situation where you have to cancel the Gathering, you shall write an e-mail to:
  2. If you cancel before the 1st of July, you will get your full payment back.
  3. If you cancel after the 1st of July, you must pay the full amount of money.

You can choose to take out a cancellation-policy at for  6% of the payment, to guarantee you in case of illness, death etc.

The name of the insurance is “Afbestillingsforsikring – Enkeltrejse” / Insurance of cancellation – Single-journey. – You can contact “Europaeiske”, for more information.


Getting to Bornholm


By Air

From Copenhagen and Billund, Jutland, to Rønne, Bornholm:

By car & ferry:

Køge-Rønne: 5½hour (night-ferry)

Ystad-Rønne: 1½ hour

Germany (Sassnitz)-Rønne: 3½ hour

Car-pooling is also a great option connect on Facebook group

Bus and ferry from Copenhagen to Rønne:

866 Bornholmerbussen:

København-Ystad-Rønne: 3 hours.

Special price: 160 DKK. Standard: 270 DKK

There will be cheap tickets on all public transport, if you buy your tickets early.

Bus routes on Bornholm: e.g. Rønne-Hasle: 

Retreat Address:

Danhostel Hasle:
Faelledvej 28, 3790 Hasle, Denmark

Photos and other information:

Organizing Group:

We are a small group of organizers that have created the framework together with Andrew for this WuJi Gathering, and we are looking forward to meeting all of you on Bornholm in August.

 Lis Vaergman, Copenhagen

Karen-Lisbeth Nielsen, Bornholm

Jesper Upul Westh Olsen, Bornholm

Britta M Jensen, Aarhus


Retreat Contact person: Lis Vaergman, 

Extra days on Bornholm?

If you want to spend extra time on Bornholm and want guidance of where to go, or if you want to join a guided wuji-gong-tour to some of the many special landscapes, paths or places of Bornholm together with other wuji-people, you can contact Britta from the Organizing Group.

From Monday the 22nd of August to Wednesday 24th of August she will offer different tours and workshops with WuJi Gong and can also integrate mindfulness, art therapy and shamanistic exercises on the way.


Face Book-Event-Group.

On Face Book we have an official Event-group: “WuJi Gong Bornholm August 2016”. Here we will post information and photos about Bornholm and the WuJi-event.

You can contact other participants here, too, and also – very important: you can spread the information of the Bornholm-WuJi-Gathering to other WuJi Gong Practitioners on Facebook.

If somebody wants to learn the WuJi Gong-form to join us on Bornholm, we also can announce Beginners Classes in different places and countries on this Facebook-group in time before the Gathering.

If somebody wants to ask for possibilities of travelling together, you can also use theFacebook-forum.

So join us on Facebook and let the WuJi Gong-energy rise up and make a wave toward the Gathering on Bornholm – the rocky energetic island in the middle of the Baltic Sea.


1 water