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Healing your Emotional Self

Healing your Emotional Self


Dissolve & Neutralize Reactionary Feelings and Transmute them back into Life Force

I am excited that you have decided to invest your time and energy into exploring and mastering your own world of inner feelings – your Emotional Body.

One thing we can say with absolute certainty is that no matter how wealthy one is, no matter how healthy, no matter how amazing one’s relationships and life, to say that one does not experience challenging or difficult feelings would probably be a big untruth.

And so, I present to you this 6-week Emotional Alchemy Online Course to master your emotions and feeling body. 

Let me be clear that mastering the emotional body does not mean you will never again experience a bad feeling!

What it does mean, however, is that you will have in your hands a 5,000-year-old proven Taoist spiritual technology that will allow you to transmute any negative reactionary feelings back into the life force that created the feelings in the first place. This will allow you to respond to life consciously instead of reacting unconsciously.

I invite you to join this 6-week emotional alchemy online course now.


Healing Your Emotional Self

In Western psychological approaches and methods, thoughts and feelings are seen as primary. Whereas in the TAOIST ALCHEMY approach, which is much older, it is the life-force or Qi (Chi) which is seen as primary and as the creator of feelings and thoughts. 

To use a simple metaphor, Western psychology is changing the software while Taoist Alchemy is upgrading the hardware. This consequently improves the flow of the electricity Qi (Chi) that is running the hardware and software.

The other fundamental difference is that Western psychology is mostly focused on the human experience only. Whereas the Taoist approach recognizes that this universal medium of the life force, or Qi (Chi), is governing not only our internal world of feelings and thoughts but also the outer world of nature.

For example, in the Taoist approach, it is the Wood phase of the life force that creates the human experience of Anger and the virtue of Kindness arising in the Soul. This same Wood phase is also responsible for making a tree grow and for the expansion of our universe.


Healing Your Emotional Self


In essence, the life force has a language and principles. Thus, it is possible for each one of us to learn these, and even more importantly, to embody them. The end result of this is that one no longer feels like a victim of one’s thoughts and feelings. Rather one sees them as an opportunity to engage with and be the co-creator with the life force within. More can be learned from the 6-week emotional alchemy online course.


  • Learn a practical way to stay emotionally neutral while being body-centered and fully present – and still feel what is happening in any situation. “Neutral” is a way to describe “centered”. It’s a neutral feeling space from which we can express strong feelings – without falling into the illusion that temporary feelings make up our self-identity.

  • Learn the secret of “eating” negative emotional energy, blending it in a “cauldron” at the navel. The yin Fusion practice gently embraces negative emotions and slowly “dissolves” un-centered or dis-harmonious feelings back into the belly center/dantian. I call this emotional resolution process our “Inner Soul Theatre”. At the same time this heart-centered process grows a powerful internal Energy Body as the ego-self is healed of its fragmentation and struggle.

  •  Open up communication pathways between the five inner “body gods” the 5 streams of consciousness of your heart-mind and your outer sensory perceptions. These are the five spirits or vital organ intelligences embodied in our heart. This includes the spleen-pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and liver. We learn how to reverse the chi normally flowing out our tongue, mouth, nose, ears, and eye so that it flows instead inward to nourish the inner organs.

  • Elevate the harmonizing power of your Inner Smile to a deeper level. Smile to your body spirits, and support them in turning the wheel of  “creation” the pattern of nourishing chi flow between the “five sub-personalities” of our inner soul team. This deeper, more collective Inner Smile allows us to shape the flow of archetypal forces hidden within the sacred space inside our body.

  • Explores how feelings arise, how they control us, and why we wrongly worship feelings, even in the context of personal relationships. This draws a clear distinction between Taoist Depth Psychology and the most popular forms of western psychology. Western psychology is mostly based on managing feelings; feelings are the “highest authority of the psyche”

  • Fusion is based on contacting the Qi underlying our Original Feeling, beyond the feelings of the personality. This allows us to shape the Original Soul Qi underlying our feelings, thoughts, and sensory perception.

Healing your Emotional Self




A question asked in many philosophical circles is where do our good qualities come from?  The Taoist perspective is that these essential unchanging qualities called “DE” translated as virtues arise in our Soul.

Before we can  transform powerful negative emotional patterns, we need to build up our conection to our innate  virtures. This module will focus on that and everyone will have a week to practice what you learn in the 3 hour module.

The 5 Shen, the body spirits of your personality absorb the pure virtues “DE” from your Soul.

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module.

Spiral Love in Creation Cycle Qi Gong
Perfect Inner Weather Mediation
Creation Cycle Inner Smile

Open up the communication pathways between your 5 five inner “body gods” the 5 streams of consciousness of your heart-mind and your outer sensory perception.

These are the five spirits or vital organ intelligences embodied in our heart, spleen-pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and liver. We learn how to reverse the chi normally flowing out our tongue, mouth, nose, ears, and eye so that it flows instead inward to nourish the inner organs. 

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module

Five Phase Qi flows Into Five Senses.
Circulate Gold Pearl & Virtues in Five-Phase Creation Cycle
Create 5 Pearl Mandala.

Healing Your Emotional Self

Where does our “emotional dark side” come from?

This module details the developmental pathway of the Five Body Spirits from the pre-natal realm of the Original Spirit, and how they emerge at birth and gain power in childhood.

It is a major revelation to discover how our very own body intelligencea begin as guardians and end up as “The Resistance” creating struggle, disease, and failure in our adult life.

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module

Pangu Mystical Qi Gong

Healing Your Emotional Self

Spiritually Empower the Five Pearls. Each Shen absorbs its pre-natal virtue and dissolves its post-natal reactivity.

During this module, we will start the emotional alchemy fusion practice.

You will learn and embody a proven method to dissolve chronic repeating and reactive feeling patterns that have kept us a prisoner.

These repeating reactionary feelings are the main resistance to being able to download the wisdom of our Souls.

Chronic repeating patterns can also be very rigid, so-called reactionary positive feelings can be just as troublesome as the negative.

For example, we can be very self-righteous or arrogant and not feel it is negative. The point being we want to dissolve habitual reactionary feelings that sabotage our spiritual evolution. Emotional Alchemy is an effective tool you will have for the rest of your life.

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module. 

Fusion 1 Emotional Alchemy Practice
Healing Sounds as a FUSION Practice

Healing Your Emotional Self

Spin 4 Directional Baguas, & fuse into a neutral pearl at the lower dan tian.

This practice is extremely useful for when you are in a very volatile situation and you need a fast and effective way to transform powerful negative feelings that may be arising in you internally or in people around you externally.

This practice is incredibly protective as well when in harmful environments.

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module.

Yang Fusion Practice.

Healing Your Emotional Self


After we have neutralized reactionary feelings and created a neutral fusion gold pearl within our energy body. It is important to now communicate our new responsive emotional way of being to the deepest aspects of our psyche.

This is done by spinning our fusion pearl around the microcosmic orbit so that we communicate to all levels of our being our new responsive approach to life.  This practice makes sure the deepest levels of your being your Jing get the new information.

Qi Gong & Alchemy Meditations learned in this module.

Spinning fusion pearl in the microcosmic orbit.


Healing Your Emotional Self


Yes after taking this course you will need to practice for a minimum of 3 months. You can then reach out to Andrew after that time and have an interview process to make sure you have embodied the teachings in your energy body. Then a certificate will be issued and you will be listed on the  Wu Ji Alchemy School web site. See certifiicate example below.

 The main requirement for this course is that you have been practicing Inner Alchemy for at least 3 months.

If you are a teacher of Wu Ji Gong you are eligible for this course. If you have already taken with Andrew any previous Emotional Alchemy courses including the online training you are eligible.

Also if you have been through level 1 of the OFT training you are also eligible for this training.

Additionally, if you have studied the Venus Sequence before with Andrew or you are also eligible for this training in Emotional Alchemy.

If you are completely new to Taoist Inner Alchemy but you have been through some sort of compatible training it may be possible to attend.  Please reach out to Andrew if you are unsure via email to discuss this. [email protected]

YES, there will be a private TELEGRAM group where all the students who attend the training can interact with each other and Andrew.

The address for this private group will be sent to you after you register.  Please note you will need the telegram app installed on your mobile.

In past training with Andrew, all the students expressed how supportive this was for them.

Every module is 3 hours and the training is very practical and deeply transformational.  Written handouts will be provided for each module. You can trake as long as you like in between each module. We recommend a a minimum of at least 1 week inbetween each module to embody what you have learned.



Society of Free Taoists  (SoFT)

 Free Taoists value independence. Spiritual, political, economic, and personal independence means taking responsibility for our destiny. When we cultivate our unique Way, Five-phase Qi flows in harmony, Yin-Yang Qi is balanced. The portal opens for Humankind to return to our Original Nature (xing) and manifest loving inter-dependence.

Free Taoists grow our unique inner power (de), our gift from source. De is expressed in high personal integrity, by seeking to fulfill our soul mission and Highest Worldly Destiny (ming).

• Free Taoists use the heart-centered energy science of inner alchemy to cultivate the Original Breath of Life (Yuan Qi. It holds, our original feeling of Pure Love and Unity. This non-dual or neutral energy nourishes authentic Self-arising. It waters our creative Free Will and wu wei, the spontaneous play of Yin-Yang-Yuan Qi in the present moment.

Free Taoists cultivate multi-dimensional Self-love. We embrace our Cosmic Selfand feel Self-empowered by merging personal Energy Body with the Qi matrix of Space, Time & Beings.

• Free Taoists do not give our power away, nor take it from others. We do not need nor use titles like Master, Grand Master, or Guru that in English imply a pyramidal structure of authority. Appropriate titles are sifu, teacher, elder, mentor, guide, instructor, beloved friend, wise brother/sister, or non-capitalized description such as “master of qigong” (or other quality such as healing, Tao, etc). This minimizes inflation of spiritual ego



After you click the purchase now link below you will be re-directed to Stripe to make your payment and you will be able to start streaming the Emotional Alchemy content . I want to congratulate you on deciding to master your emotial body..

With Love:   Andrew Kenneth Fretwell  Founder & Educational Director.