QiGong Teacher TRaining



  1. Take the basic course LEARN WU JI GONG and practice daily for at least 2 months

  2. Take the ADVANCED WU JI GONG COURSE and practice daily for at least 1 month

  3. Take the WU JI GONG TEACHER TRAINING and complete the written exams included with each module


Jérémy Marty
Jérémy MartyWu Ji Gong Senior Teacher
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"I want to thank Andrew Kenneth Fretwell and recommend his wonderful 6 Weeks online Wu Ji Gong Teacher Training.

Through this training, I could integrate in a such wonderful way. I have more sense about what it is to feel unified and less divided.

Never before did I gain so much clarity about the psychological reasons why we need to move our bodies as "one" from the center of the body. A lot of new awareness is now flowing in my body mind and soul. It is if I know I am moving as one instinctively.

This training has given me so many pictures and ideas of how I can teach Wu Ji Gong to beginners and help them with this very important base when we start.

I love it! Deep thankyou!

Kostas Vahopoulos
Kostas VahopoulosWu Ji Gong Teacher
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"My participation in the online Teacher's Training has really impressed me. The program is structured in such a way as to guide you step by step towards completion.

You don't just learn the moves in depth but all the theory behind them giving you an understanding, and confidence as to what you are doing and how you can pass it on to others.

Andrew's ability to transmit with such clarity and at the same time simplicity all this material which is vast and extremely subtle is unique.

He gives you confidence and security so that you can go deeper into your practice and connect with your soul. I feel very lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this program.​
Sol Sternius
Sol SterniusWu Ji Gong Teacher & Inner Alchemy Trainer
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"Hello Everybody,

I have been practising Wu Ji Gong for almost 3 years Wu Ji Gong feels like a gift from deeper dimensions that supports us all deeply. ,

This course helped me feel more inspired in my practise It also brought me a more holistic understanding of Wu Ji Gong I appreciated the 6 modules, that each week made me see Wu Ji Gong in a new light,

The group and Andrews teaching was very loving, supportive and full of wisdom,

If you have been thinking about taking this course, i can warmly recommend it from my own experience,

Warm regards from Sol