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Andrew Kenneth Fretwell is a native of the United Kingdom, who spent his early years as a professional musician. At the age 21, he had a powerful spiritual experience that changed his perception of the world around him. And after that, It was the ongoing challenge of grounding that experience into his day-to-day life, which led him to different teachers and systems of self-cultivation.

In 1983 he met his main Taoist Teacher Mantak Chia and received from him the Seven Alchemical Formulas for spiritual Immortality, transmitted to Mantak Chia by the breatharian hermit One Cloud.

Ji Gong - Inner Smile

Studying with Mantak Chia, Andrew realized the importance of the physical and emotional bodies in being refined containers for the very high frequencies of our Soul and Spirit. Since then, he has dedicated his life to making that simple to understand and clarifying what this actually means in our daily life.

Andrews’s deep passion in life is to share this understanding along with practical applications of how to integrate the Soul and personality into a functioning whole.

The Wu Ji School of Inner Alchemy is the organization created to serve this intent.

Andrews latest book
Emotional Alchemy The Love & Freedom Hidden Within Painful Feelings is available worldwide, search on your countries Amazon web site.

Andrew is also an experienced
Evolutionary Astrologer & Gene Keys Mentor. His approach has been called unique, deep, and profound because it addresses the actual Soul’s intent for growth and more completion in life.

You can
consult with Andrew online from anywhere in the world.
Gene Keys Discover Your Soul's Higher Purpose


“When I first met Andrew, I recognized in him a kindred soul who had discovered the essence of life. Because we also share a similar background, having studied with some of the same Taoist masters, we have both reached the same understanding of the importance of love as an embodiment. Andrew carries that spirit everywhere he goes. He truly embodies the principle of selfless service. 

In addition to this, he is one of the very few people I have ever met who has a gift of physical touch that I would describe as divine. Whoever you are, listen to and learn from this man. He has great wisdom and sensitivity that you will only very rarely come across in this life.”  Richard Rudd Author & Founder, The Gene Keys.

“If anyone asks me why they should study with you, dear Andrew, my answer sounds like this: It’s because your deep practice, long experience, profound insights, and amazing results did not turn you into an inaccessible guru, but, rather, into a dear sincere open-minded and open-hearted friend, who is incessantly striving to be useful for humans and for everything in creation, and who sincerely speaks about his own ups and downs and the solutions for going up again. 

If people work with you, everything looks simple and doable, and few realize upon first encounter how deep your knowledge and practice of the Taoist way are. Apart from that, you move freely between schools and schemes, selecting what is in accord with the True Self that you are” Rodica Albu Wu  Ji Gong Senior Teacher.



“Health and healing are not destinations they are directions we are either moving towards or away from.”

“Victimization just means you have not yet experienced the full majesty of your own Soul”

“Everyone’s life can be an experience of synchronicity and amazing creativity once you fix 51% of your inner will and energy on unfolding your Souls love”

“Your body-mind is the present-moment portal for the immeasurable majesty of your Soul to express its wisdom and unconditional love. In any one moment, you are either re-creating your past or unfolding your undreamt potential.”

“Healing is the ability to connect someone with their own life force and their innate spiritual independence”


Andrew’s journey began as a student of Shaktipat Siddha Yoga Guru, Swami Muktananda, at the tender age of 21. His dedication led him to manage the Siddha Yoga London Ashram in the early 1980s, introducing meditation programs to the public. He furthered his holistic knowledge, becoming a Shiatsu therapist in central London after completing a 3-year program in macrobiotic counseling.

Since 2003, Andrew has been a senior Instructor in Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao Organization. He lived with Mantak Chia in his international center in Chiang Mai Thailand and supported him in running dark room retreats to cultivate the immortal body.

He is a direct lineage holder for the 7 Formulas for Spiritual Immortality originally transmitted to Mantak Chia by the breatharian hermit one cloud.

He is also a direct lineage holder of Wu JI Gong – Tai Chi for Enlightenment and has for the last 20 years been sharing this around the world as well as certifying many international teachers.

He has introduced the Gene Keys transmission to many countries around the world. He also co-taught with Richard Rudd the Venus sequence in the Romanian mountains to over 300 international students in 2015.