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A special evolutionary directive exists when the North Node of the moon conjuncts Pluto in any astrological chart.

In most charts, the Pluto polarity point 180 degrees from Pluto represents the evolutionary direction of the Soul. This is not the case when the north node of the moon conjuncts Pluto.

We will explore Marilyn Munroe’s chart and  her Gene Keys Profile as an example of this nodal conjunction with Pluto.


A Soul  (Pluto) that has been learning to spiritualize  (12th house) the nurturing instinct (Cancer) to develop security within oneself (Cancer) through connection to the source of all (12th house) rather than through externalized work-related, time and space (Saturn south node ruler) concrete experiences.

Spiritual authority rather than external authority (Capricorn south node)

Instead, this Soul experienced and externalized the 12th house archetype and was idolized, projected upon fantasized, etc all Neptune and 12th house archetypal patterns, Her soul created this to emphasize the need to go deeper and not identify with the surface identity.

The soul is attempting to teach the personality to not identify with external accomplishments or status including self-image (South node Capricorn, Saturn south node ruler) (but instead identify and receive nurturing and support (Cancer) from the source (12th house) within.

Her relationship with men, in general, is pointing to the south node in Capricorn powerful men who have authority. (President etc) suggesting in past lives her soul held positions of external power and authority.

Her Mars in the 8th house in Pisces, her desire (Mars) for connection and deep bonding through the sexual drive (8th house) to lose oneself (Pisces) through bonding, is really a desire arising in the Soul (12th house Pluto + north node) a desire to connect back and have a deep and intimate relationship with the source of all.

Her eventual demise was instigated by drugs (12th house Neptune ruled) after her employer (6th house Capricorn) had fired her for ongoing absence from work. commitments.

Her natal Moon 7th house opposite Neptune in the 1st house (identity) again suggests evolutionary pressure to not be seduced by the external image (Neptune) of who she thinks she is (1st House) but instead connect back to the source to receive nurturing

Marylyn Munroe GENE KEYS

The natal moon in the 7th house also in (49th Gene Key line 2) suggests her reactions and interactions with others (7th house) kept reinforcing a sense of losing herself (Neptune 1st house identity confusion etc

If I were counseling her, I would have focused very much on that personality moon in the 7th house 49th Gene Key as her place of cutting-edge evolution to break free of the past (Moon) and start making new choices.

From my perspective, this is a Soul that did not really learn the evolutionary lesson and perhaps that is why the early death.

Perhaps you can see why the soul chose a 6th line profile to emphasize that sense of separation from the source that deep sense that something is missing for the personality.

Also, the 19th Gene Key is emphasized twice in her profile again a soul choice as well to support her personality in opening to deeper dimensions within (12th house Pluto) to meet her needs (Cancer) rather than externalizing them.

I hope you can see how understanding and having clarity on the Soul’s evolutionary direction can deepen the gene keys profile understanding.


I am curious what you think of her fourth house Saturn anchoring the chart here. She grew up without parents in a children’s home…always believing her mother would come back for her and never knowing her father at all.?


Yes for me obvious when you know the focus of her Soul and ask the question why did her Soul choose to place Saturn in  the 4th house with Scorpio trine the nodal axis? Plus Saturn is the south-node ruler.

If the Soul wants to spiritualize (12th house) the nurturing principle (cancer north node) of course chooses absent parents not providing for her needs, the deep (Scorpio) longing for her parents is again arising from the soul to be parented and to grow evolve by connecting to the source as the true parents.

Once you understand the Soul’s evolutionary direction the whole chart comes alive every planet aspect and house placement needs a central focus to build around.

That is why this was such an intense but short-lived life there was a very strong drive from her Soul to learn this lesson of receiving nurturing from the source.

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