Transform Your Health with Bone Breathing Power and Achieve Hormonal Balance while Revitalizing Your Life.

Tired of Battling Hormonal Imbalance? Discover a Time-Honored Solution That’s Both Simple and Effective.

Like many women, you’ve probably tried countless treatments for hormonal imbalance.

These include supplements, strict diets, and intense exercise.

Often, they promise much but deliver little.

It’s frustrating and expensive, with too much effort for too little relief.

What if the key to balancing your hormones lies not in what you can add, but in what you can awaken within?

Bone Breathing is an ancient practice of Taoist masters who perfected it.
Renowned wellness expert Andrew Kennth Fretwell has tailored it for the modern woman.

This practice offers more than relief for symptoms.

It connects you to your body’s own healing abilities.

It does this through gentle, guided breathing and self-massage techniques.

Feel the difference as you re-align not just your hormones, but your entire sense of well-being.

This isn’t just another wellness trend…

Bone Breathing challenges the mainstream narrative that healing must be costly and complicated.

Instead, it gives you tools that use your body’s rhythms.

They unlock health and vitality from inside you.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you.

After all, in a sea of quick fixes and magic pills, promises of natural healing often fall short.

But Bone Breathing stands out.

It has centuries of tradition and positive feedback from thousands of women worldwide.

This program has a solid foundation in history and personal success stories.

Plus, you can try it risk-free for 30 days.

Andrew Kennth Fretwell isn’t just a practitioner.

        – He’s a mentor.
        – His expertise has transformed lives.
        – His method isn’t just educational.

It’s a personal journey…

You might be asking, is Bone Breathing for me?

Bone Breathing is for women who seek a deeper, more holistic approach to health.

Are you ready to rediscover your body’s strength? And balance your hormones naturally?

Let’s see what women like you are saying about this technique.

Hello, I’m Andrew Kenneth Fretwell…

SoundCloud - Spirituality

And inside this letter, I’m going to share what I believe to be the best hormonal balance remedy ever invented.

It’s something I developed over the years…

At 21 years old I experienced a spiritual awakening that started it all.

This awakening was as confusing as it was enlightening.

It threw me into a state of confusion that many of you may find all too familiar.

For years, I grappled with fitting this new spiritual awareness into my daily life.

The typical avenues for understanding left me unfulfilled and increasingly frustrated.

I felt lost… Traditional spiritual practices only skimmed the surface.

They didn’t touch the deep emotional and physical alignment I craved. 

Meeting My Mentor

Ji Gong - Inner Smile

Everything changed when I met Mantak Chia, a master of Taoist wisdom.

He taught me the Seven Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Immortality.

He had received this knowledge from the breatharian hermit One Cloud.

This mentorship was not just about learning techniques…
It was an initiation into a life where my spiritual insights could finally appear in body and mind.

Under Mantak Chia’s guidance, I mastered practices that grounded my spirituality.

They transformed my frustrations.

They created a balance between my soul’s frequencies and my earthly life.

This transformation was not quick nor easy, but it was profoundly rewarding.

The Overlooked Root of Hormonal Imbalance: Energetic Misalignment

You’ve likely tried many strategies to manage hormonal imbalances.

You’ve mainly focused on physical interventions like diet, supplements, or medication.

These can ease symptoms.

But, they often don’t last because they ignore a key factor: your body’s energy alignment.

Unveiling the Energetic Blueprint

The real culprit behind persistent hormonal issues isn’t just biochemical… it’s energetic.

Western medicine tends to ignore how our bodies energetically balance themselves.

This gap in treatment is where Bone Breathing, an ancient Taoist technique, steps in.

Most methods only treat surface symptoms.

Bone Breathing instead reconnects you with your body’s energy system.

This system governs your hormonal health.

Why This Approach Is Different

It may seem surprising…

Breathing is simple.

Yet, it can deeply affect complex systems.

For example, it affects hormonal regulation.

However, Bone Breathing isn’t ordinary breathing.

It targets specific energy pathways.

They are linked to hormonal functions.

This method is based on the idea that our bodies have an inner wisdom to heal and regulate themselves.

They can do this as long as they are aligned with their natural energies.

Scientifically Supported

This isn’t just ancient wisdom.

Modern science supports the link between controlled breathing and better autonomic nervous system function.

This function directly affects our endocrine system and hormones.

Research in psychoneuroendocrinology shows that methods like Bone Breathing can greatly lower stress hormones, such as cortisol.

They can also improve overall endocrine health.

Bringing This Wisdom to You

I’ve practiced and taught for decades…

I’ve distilled these ancient truths into practical teachings.

If you’re feeling stuck, if traditional therapies have left you wanting more, I invite you to explore a different path. 

A path that doesn’t just heal but transforms…

Join me to unlock the secrets of ancient Taoist practices tailored for the modern seeker.

Let’s embark on this journey together, not just to heal but to thrive.

Harmonizing Hormonal Health Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Knowing the true cause of hormonal imbalances is only the first step… .

To fix these well, we must focus on the body’s energy system. 

It is often ignored in standard treatments. 

Bone Breathing offers a powerful solution. 

It restores the natural energy balance vital for hormonal health.

Simplifying the Science: Bone Breathing Explained

Bone Breathing goes beyond normal relaxation and breathing exercises. 

It targets energy pathways linked to hormonal regulation. 

This practice reinvigorates your body’s natural rhythms and hormones. 

It helps a deep internal healing. 

It’s simple yet deep… 

It’s for anyone seeking relief from hormonal imbalances.

What Sets Bone Breathing Apart?

Many treatments just hide symptoms.

But, Bone Breathing, unlike them, addresses the root cause…
energetic misalignment. 

This approach eases symptoms. 

It also promotes lasting hormonal health by restoring your body’s balance.

The Evolution of the Bone Breathing Method: A Tailored Solution for Hormonal Balance

When exploring the vast landscape of hormonal health solutions… you might seek a quick-fix product. 

However, Andrew Kenneth Fretwell quickly saw that most ready-made solutions were flawed.

They offered only surface-level relief without lasting results.

Many programs claim to use ancient techniques like Bone Breathing… 

But, they often weaken the power or misinterpret the execution. 

This makes them ineffective for lasting health benefits. 

Andrew saw this gap… 

He went on a mission to create a more authentic and effective version of the ancient practices. 

He adapted them for modern needs.

The Humble Beginnings

The path to perfection was fraught with challenges.  

The first Bone Breathing Method versions were too complex for beginners. 

They were also not strong enough for experienced practitioners. 

Andrew responded to user feedback. 

He refined the techniques to balance accessibility and depth.

The real breakthrough came when users began reporting transformative results. 

They saw big drops in stress, relief from hormonal symptoms, and a marked boost in well-being. 

The testimonials were not just isolated success stories. 

They were a strong validation of the method’s effectiveness.

A Birth of Bone Breathing Method

Encouraged by this success…

Andrew formalized his approach into the Bone Breathing Method course.

This program has instructional content, practical exercises, and community support.

It is designed to guide you through the process of not just achieving but also keeping good hormonal health.

Today, the Bone Breathing Method is more than a program.

It’s a lively community.

The people in it are devoted to natural wellness and empowered health.

As this community grows, it keeps inspiring new insights and improvements.

This has made the Bone Breathing Method a living, evolving practice.

Unlock the Secrets of Hormonal Balance with The Bone Breathing Method

Natural Hormne Balance for Women

Veronica shares "I can handle things out there!”

What You'll Receive:

  • 3 x 4 hour training videos with both theory and practice
  • 6 guided audio meditations
  • Priority support via Private Telegram Group for 3-months
  • Recorded Meditations you can use whenever
  • Replays of all your sessions

This isn’t just another wellness program.

The Bone Breathing Method is the result of ancient Taoist practices and new science.

It is designed to naturally rebalance your hormonal health.

  • Focused on Hormonal Health: Designed specifically to tackle hormonal imbalances, not just general wellness.
  • Synergy of Tradition and Science: A unique blend that enhances efficacy and understanding.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous access to expert advice and a like-minded community.

Temporary fixes and medical treatments are costly.

They often have side effects and high costs. 

In contrast, the Bone Breathing Method is a sustainable and natural alternative. 

Traditional therapies typically:

  • Lead to Dependency: Many require ongoing usage of drugs or supplements.
  • Offer Superficial Relief: Focus on symptoms rather than addressing root causes.
  • Lack Personalization: Fail to consider individual differences in health and lifestyle.
  • Come with Risks: Potential side effects that could worsen your overall health.

Hundreds of women have already PERMENANTLY HEALED their hormonal system! 

They see dramatic drops in stress and anxiety. 

And, they see big boosts in physical and emotional health. 

These stories are not just claims. 

They are affirmations of the Bone Breathing Method’s power to transform.

Getting started is easy. 

Just sign up online. 

Engage with the materials at your own pace. 

Then, start experiencing the benefits of better hormonal balance. 

Regular practice will help you. 

It will be combined with community support and expert guidance. 

These will guide you to lasting health improvements.

Act Now—Spaces Are Limited

This program is personalized. 

So, we limit new enrollments. 

This keeps the quality of each participant’s interaction high. 

I'm hoping you're as excited as I am about the Bone Breathing Program…

I created this program to share the deep healing and balance I found through Bone Breathing.

And I want everyone to experience the same freedom I found through this ancient practice.

It’s designed to improve hormones.

But, it aims for whole wellness that unites body, spirit, and soul.

When you enroll, you commit to a life-changing health journey.

It is tailored to nurture your whole being.

Managing hormonal imbalances through conventional medicine can oftentimes get costly…

With ongoing prescriptions, treatments, and side effects.

I created this program to share the deep healing and balance I found through Bone Breathing. 

And I want everyone to experience the same freedom I found through this ancient practice. 

It’s designed to improve hormones. 

But, it aims for whole wellness that unites body, spirit, and soul. 

When you enroll, you commit to a life-changing health journey. 

It is tailored to nurture your whole being.

Managing hormonal imbalances through conventional medicine can oftentimes get costly… 

With ongoing prescriptions, treatments, and side effects. 

In contrast, the Bone Breathing Method is a one-time investment of $269—marked down from the usual $369. 

It is an investment in a healthier, more vibrant YOU.

The Bone Breathing Method offers more than symptom management… 

It gives you tools for deep, systemic permanent health improvements. 

You’ll experience benefits that go far beyond what conventional treatments can offer. 

This makes it the smart choice for anyone serious about their health and well-being. 

This is for anyone who is sick of putting bandages on the wound instead of healing the wound.

YES! I Want to Finally Heal My Body and Hormonal System the Natural Way with the Bone Breathing Program

Natural Hormne Balance for Women

The moment you click the “Enroll Now” button…

It takes you to a secure checkout page where you’ll enter your payment details.

Once your registration is confirmed…

You’ll receive an email with your login information for immediate access to all program materials.

You’ll be able to start learning the Bone Breathing Method within minutes.

Exclusive Bonuses Just for You

To maximize your journey, I’m including three special bonuses when you sign up today:


  • Bonus free 30 minute private session with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell at $125 value – Enhance your understanding and get more from your practice.

  • Members-Only Webinar: A live session with a very experienced woman teacher to understand from the womens perspective and answer your questions that only another woman will understand.

  • Quick Start Guides: Handy tools to help you integrate the Bone Breathing techniques into your daily routine for immediate benefits.


I’m 100% confident in your success…

And therefore, when you do the work, implement the steps, and truly throw in your absolute commitment…

And if you still haven’t improved your health, I promise to work alongside you with the support you need until we accomplish your hormonal balance together.

That’s my Author’s promise.

You have two choices and you decide how your health goal unfolds…

You could continue down the path of temporary fixes… 

Struggling, stuck and looking for answers.

You might reach your goal in another ten years…

And still battling to live with hormonal imbalance and experiencing: 

* painful periods, 
* unsatiated food cravings, 
* menopausal symptoms, 
gut health, 
* weight loss, 
* estrogen levels, 
* chronic stress, 
* insulin levels, 
* and thyroid hormones.
* Or more.Or you could stop worrying about all of this.

Forget about it and your health’s dream.

In the end… it is just another dream.

And no one will judge you…

f this is what you want… I won’t blame you.

Just x years ago when my spiritual awakening just started, I was on a rollercoaster.

And… I almost did.

Fastforward, I’m glad I didn’t.

Maybe this is it… what you’ve been missing all the time to heal your hormonal imbalance.

Transform your health with Bone Breathing technique and achieve hormonal balance while revitalizing your life inside this program…


  • Never struggle writing a book again

  • Never get lost in your ideas

  • Never let yourself down

And take me on your healing journey with you and…

  • Fast-track your progress under my guidance and maste what took me years of practice in a matter of months

  • Find answers to your underlying issues within yourself without taking on medical prescriptions that cover up problem without healing the cause

  • Become the person who feels confiden in your body and can take on any challenge this world throws at you… you write your own future

I don’t know how about you, but I prefer this choice if a decision was mine…


Which is not, and you can choose the other option.


I don’t know you and yet, I do…


I’ve done it, lived through it, and overcame it all.

So you can avoid wasting years that cannot be taken back… 

or take control and start a transformative health journey today. 

Remember, each day lost is a day you could have been healthier, happier, and more balanced.

Don’t Miss Out — Limited Time Offer

This special pricing and the exclusive bonuses are only available for a limited period. 

Our program has helped hundreds of women that have already PERMENANTLY HEALED their hormonal system, and spots fill up fast. 

Imagine where you could be just a few weeks from now with the right guidance and method. 

Join me and others now, and be the change you wish to see in your life.

Thank you for considering the Bone Breathing Method. 

I am excited to welcome you into our community. 

I cannot wait to witness the transformation you’ll go through. 

You’re not alone in this. 

Start today!


Q1: What is the Bone Breathing Method and who is it for?

The Bone Breathing Method is more than just a course… it’s a transformative experience designed to realign your body’s natural energy flow. Specifically targeting issues related to hormonal imbalances. This program is perfect for anyone who’s been struggling with symptoms like fatigue, stress, and mood swings, or anyone who simply wants to enhance their overall vitality using time-tested, natural techniques.

Q2: How Soon Will I Notice Improvements?

Results from the Bone Breathing Method can vary by individual, reflecting personal health conditions and commitment to practice. Here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Short-term Benefits (Within 1 Week): Most women start to feel an immediate impact on their stress levels and sense of bodily relaxation. Many women say they sleep much better. They wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • Long-term Changes (3 Weeks to 3 Months): As you continue with daily practice, you may begin to see profound transformations in persistent physical symptoms. These include enhanced energy levels, reduced hormonal imbalance symptoms such as mood swings or menstrual discomfort, and an overall increase in vitality and well-being.

Q3: What does the 30-day guarantee cover?

We’re committed to your satisfaction and confident in the transformative power of this method. If you find that the program isn’t fitting your needs within the first 30 days, just let me know, and I’ll send your money back

Q4: How can I sign up and what are the steps?

Joining is simple:

  1. Click the “Enroll Now” button below.

  2. Fill in your details on the secure checkout page.

  3. Receive immediate access to all resources and community support.

Start engaging with the course materials and live sessions as soon as you’re ready. We’ve made it easy to begin transforming your health right away.

Q5: What Can I Expect from the Bone Breathing Method?

  1. Deeper Mindfulness and Presence: Unlock a profound level of mindfulness that goes beyond traditional practices. Inspired by the foundational teachings of Eckhart Tolle, this program delves deeper… teaching you to stabilize your presence in the present moment. Say goodbye to emotional rollercoasters and hormonal imbalances.

  2. Targeted Healing for Hormonal Health: Experience significant, lasting relief from symptoms rooted in hormonal imbalances. Our method directly addresses these issues through techniques that regulate hormone levels naturally. Reduce mood swings, fatigue, and stress.

  3. Community Engagement and Professional Development: Immerse yourself in a supportive, understanding community that’s committed to mutual support and growth. For those inspired to spread wellness… this program offers a path to becoming a certified Bone Breathing instructor. Empower others in your community by leading classes and workshops. Open doors to new career opportunities that also enhance personal fulfilment.


Q6: What happens if I need direct support?

Join a free private telegram group with Andrew and other experienced woman teachers and students. Our community is vibrant and very loving. Need inspiration or empowerment? This group will be your cornerstone when you stumble, holding your hand along the journey.