Can we integrate the divine into the day-to-day?


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When we investigate our nature, we come to the question of “Who Am I?” Upon reflection, we may notice that there is an “I” beyond the identity, beyond the personality. This I is the universal self, Taoists call Wu Ji or Primordial. It is Source, our very nature. Yet the personality lives on! Even if we recognize a greater self, the smaller self of identity still exists. This is the great paradox of life. How can we be both One and Many simultaneously?

Our task here in the physical realm of manifest Being is to integrate. Can we integrate the divine into our day-to-day experience? Can we integrate spirit into matter?

For many people, their spiritual experiences feel separate from their everyday lives. They have a deep meditation experience on a retreat, but when back in the office it feels that it has gone! Taoism seeks to create integrity in every aspect of our life. When this happens we have the experience of fulfilling our destiny.

In Taoism they see three realms of existence:

  1. Form: this is the everyday life and physical world
  2. Formless Form: this is our dreams and visions which have not yet come into being
  3. Formless Formless: this is the divine…the source of all

Wu Ji Gong is a practice that works to integrate source into self; spirit into matter; the divine into life. It helps us to live our day-to-day life guided by spirit, and thus fulfill our destiny. A simple and graceful qi gong form, this practice takes only 15 minutes, making it easy to keep up as a daily practice.

Most practitioners of this form experience an alignment in their lives between the spiritual and daily aspects. Significant co-incidences increase, giving one the feeling of flowing harmoniously with life and being divinely guided. One can more easily manifest one’s dreams and visions into reality. A deep experience of integrity is experienced, and life becomes an effortless flow.