with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

A question I’m often asked: “You know dozens, if not hundreds of qigong and tai chi forms. Why are you choosing this one to write a book about?” This is easy to answer.

WuJi Gong is an “empty vessel” into which the practitioner can pour any content they choose or request from the universe. Or, you pour nothing into it, and simply allow yourself to be emptied of all your “old stuff”, i.e. your past patterns and projected future. The Life Force will spontaneously refill your empty body vessel.

The ceremony fills our vessel, leaving our personality more neutral, more content with who we are rather than what we do. It’s paradoxical, as the form is clearly a doing. It shifts us to being more open to co-create with the Life Force an embodied Present Moment. Our being gets comfortable with whatever Qi is flowing from the Cosmos into soul, from soul into body-mind, and thence into our relations with others and the world.

All religions rely upon similar underlying energetic structures- holy trinity, square of cardinal directions, 12-part zodiac, etc. Tao theory holds there is ultimately only one Life Force or Qi Field that shapes all religious and scientific beliefs. WuJi Gong is a neutral archetypal template embracing Time, Space & Beings, and thus adaptable to all paths.

 WuJi Gong is my “super-Qi form” of choice because it is archetypal in its design. It gracefully spirals to the Four Cardinal Directions and aligns Heaven and Earth into the central axis of the body’s Present Moment. A Christian can “pour” into the archetypal vessel Four Archangels in the directions, Holy Spirit above, Mother Mary below, Christ within the heart. An Atheist can use the archetype to align overlapping scalar waves into a singularity at the center of a cosmic black hole that concentrates the energy of Nature according to scientific law.

A shaman might see four power animals in the horizontal cardinal directions with an Over World, Underworld and Inner World triad holding the vertical axis. A Qabalist might use the four Earth- Heaven cycles to align the four worlds of creation and restore the Tree of Life in the axial center. WuJi Gong’s original content was Taoist, but its archetypal shape is universal and balances whatever is fed into it. Thus its deep content is neutral in value. It is up to each person to program its ceremonial content with their highest values.