with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell



The three legged cauldron pictured above is a powerful Taoist metaphor for what happens when seekers from all walks of life come together with a conscious intent to embody the Taoist Immortality formulas within themselves.

We really have no idea what will unfold as we blend our joint energies into the mystery of the ever-present moment.. Every Tuesday for 6 months each one of us will bring our own life experience, our own unique challenges and Soul gifts, adding them into our magical group cauldron of transformation

Perhaps your questions are needed by the other students? Perhaps your breakthrough gives a sense of trust and hope for someone else? We can never know the wonderful magic that can unfold.

Andrew has observed during the previous trainings that it is incredibly important to have a safe space to share and grow together. That is ultimately what the GROUP CAULDRON represents and the neutral loving energy we generate together only grows stronger as we meet each week.

We also have to remember that we have the additional blessings and benefits of the Taoist immortals of our liniage as well as your own spiritual guides joining in and adding their energy and love to our group cauldron. Ths weekly meeting is very magical but also deeply practical and supportive for every student.


The weekly meetings start at 10 pm BALI time, (Andrews Location).  9am Eastern Standard Time in the USA (New York)  & 3pm European Central Time (Paris) . The weekly call will last from 2 to 3 hours depending on the needs of the group.

Andrew has done his best to make the times as supportive as possible for as many different time zones. If you have a concern or question about the times please schedule a call to discuss with me. All sessions are recorded so you can always catch up.

Yes! This regular weekly time together is a chance for every single student on the training to get their needs met and questions answered.

The Qi Gong forms and Inner Alchemy meditations learned on the longer in-depth weekend modules are explained and clarified by Andrew based on each student’s individual needs. 

The ultimate goal of this ongoing 6-month training is spiritual independence and the ability to transmit to others everything you have learned and embodied during thr 6 months. 

If you can, it is always best to attend these weekly meetings live. In case of other commitments and unexpected emergencies it is always possible to catch up via the recordings.



This program is Limited to 10 COMITTED students

  Value Exchange: £6,000  UK Pounds

25% DISCOUNT (£4,500) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 1ST 2022 ENDED
20% DISCOUNT (£4,800) if 50% deposit paid before SEPTEMBER 30TH 2022
10% DISCOUNT (£5,000) if 50% deposit paid before OCTOBER 31ST 2022

Payment plans available please schedule a call below to discuss.

To apply or ask questions about the 2023 program, please schedule a call with Andrew by clicking on the button below.