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Gilles Marin explaining the 5 Intelligences.

Every human being’s inner psychology is a collective of 5 intelligences, (5 inner spirits) that we need to be aware of, and more importantly, we need to entrain them in how to all work together as a team, so we can feel less inner conflict and be far much more effective in the world.

What are these 5 Intelligences?

Spiritual Intelligence. Our intuitive knowing and our capacity to love and accept ourselves and others.

Instinctual Intelligence. Our ancestral intelligence that allows us to survive and procreate.

Rational Intelligence, Is the ability to think clearly and have a vision for our life

Irrational Intelligence. Our feelings, allow us to mature over the course of our life and interact socially with others in a harmonious way..

Practical Intelligence. Is the ability to be aware of all the other intelligences and to act in the here and now in harmony and balance with oneself and the world.

In most human beings these 5 Intelligences are not acting together, as they each have very different needs and often are in conflict with each other.

After you harmonize them, you empower them further by practicing the 9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong. This will automatically raise the frequency and connect your 5 Intelligences to greater cosmic forces. This is incredibly healing and balancing.


    • TAOIST THEORY on the 5 inteligences (5 SPIRITS) that make up our functioning personality.
    • Learn and practice together the two Qi Gong forms, Nourish the 5 Intelligences & 9 Cosmic Spirals.
    • Why we feel internally conflicted when setting goals.
    • The shadow aspects of each inteligence and their spiritual virtues.


Q & A

  • What do I need to attend?  An openness to learning simple but powerful qi gong movments.
  • I do not want to be a teacher can I still study. Yes absolutly, these 2 forms are very. healing and empowering and you will be able to discover alot about your inner psycology.


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Because this training requires you to practice daily after you have learned the 2 forms. All students who take this training will embody the Qi Gong forms learned in the training over time and at different levels.

This is not a certification process on what you know intellectually, but on what you can embody energetically.

The power of Internal Alchemy is embodied through your energy body. All teachers of the Wu Ji Gong School of Inner Alchemy understand, and more importantly experience that it is your energy body that transmits the Qi Gong forms to your students.


Very simply, after you take the training you practice daily for at least 4 weeks  or until you have a firm breakthrough in your own life. You can then reach out to Andrew and there is a small written exam and a in person interview process. After the interview, the certificate is issued with The Wu Ji School of Internal Alchemy and you will be listed on the International web site as a certified teacher.

When SOFT is launched globally some time in 2024 you will also be automatically certified with that organization as well.

Society of Free Taoists  (SoFT)

Free Taoists value independence. Spiritual, political, economic, and personal independence means taking responsibility for our destiny. When we cultivate our unique Way, Five-phase Qi flows in harmony, Yin-Yang Qi is balanced. The portal opens for Humankind to return to our Original Nature (xing) and manifest loving inter-dependence.

Free Taoists grow our unique inner power (de), our gift from source. De is expressed in high personal integrity, by seeking to fulfill our soul mission and Highest Worldly Destiny (ming).

• Free Taoists use the heart-centered energy science of inner alchemy to cultivate the Original Breath of Life (Yuan Qi. It holds, our original feeling of Pure Love and Unity. This non-dual or neutral energy nourishes authentic Self-arising. It waters our creative Free Will and wu wei, the spontaneous play of Yin-Yang-Yuan Qi in the present moment.

Free Taoists cultivate multi-dimensional Self-love. We embrace our Cosmic Selfand feel Self-empowered by merging personal Energy Body with the Qi matrix of Space, Time & Beings.

• Free Taoists do not give our power away, nor take it from others. We do not need nor use titles like Master, Grand Master, or Guru that in English imply a pyramidal structure of authority. Appropriate titles are sifu, teacher, elder, mentor, guide, instructor, beloved friend, wise brother/sister, or non-capitalized description such as “master of qigong” (or other quality such as healing, Tao, etc). This minimizes inflation of spiritual ego.