with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

A true story of how – in less than 2 hours –
Theresa worked through her unique“energetic soul blueprints” with Andrew 
and went from feeling a lot of pain
to clearing childhood patterns, coming into her purpose, and

“Healing Tension In The Relationships
With Her Husband & Daughter”

I worked with Andrew last summer and it was an amazing experience!!

I’m actually sitting here thinking about how much has changed… since I connected with Andrew.

I was in a lot of pain!

I was working with a coach who referred me to Andrew for mentoring.

I wanted to talk with Andrew about what I felt was my greatest mystery and pain point, which was the purpose of my life.

And I feel a real yearning to have an impact, to help wake people up, to help heal humanity.

Andrew asked me very simply before the session.

“What would you like to focus on?”

I told him that and then right before the session, I said:

“Oh, and also my relationships with my husband and daughter.”

“There’s a lot of tension and challenge in those relationships.” 

He said, “Ah….”

That was my first experience of him.


He could tune in right away

That was really what we needed to focus on

And what was the issue with the most urgency for growth in my life!

During the call with him, I was really impressed right away with how he tuned into me immediately.
He just could see through anything that I thought I needed to be focused on.

A lot of it was pattern-driven. 

This urge to be productive, this urge to have meaning and purpose in kind of an ego-driven way.

He immediately tunned into my relationships and said

“This is the area of healing.”

Which wasn’t what I wanted to hear and it was so right.

I could feel it right away. This was the area of healing. It was a huge pain point in my life and my relationships were really falling apart.

There was a lot of tension and I was just completely marred by family patterns.

I was owned by circular patterns from my childhood that were interrupting harmony…and love… and flow in my relationships.

So during that session, Andrew worked with me to unravel my soul’s blueprint

And just tuned into me, tuned in to where I was at

There were so many moments during the call.

It was an hour and a half that we spent together on this first call

Where he just tuned in and told me this is what I needed to heal

My childhood patterns . . .

Surrounding my mother and father that were getting in the way of my relationships

And I needed to tune into the tenderness that I wanted to feel from others and give that tenderness.

It was profound!

And honestly, the next months of my life were completely driven by healing in this area.

I had a very profound experience with my daughter getting very sick

And I had to hit a really dark bottom and dark night of the soul around my relationships

Everything Andrew had said almost became like a prophecy.

My relationship with my daughter and my husband, they’re miraculous now!

All those patterns have been cleared!

There’s so much love! And in the same way, I am coming into my own voice, my own purpose without effort at it, by making those clearings. It’s tremendous! 

Working with Andrew, he’s so deeply intuitive, empathic, loving.

He can see you right away and he has a very clear sense of an individual’s path and soul.

I was looking for a purpose in this very kind of egoic way of:

“What’s the work I am to do in the world?”

 Instead, he said

 “Your purpose right now is healing your relationships.”

I couldn’t have known that that was exactly what was in front of me to unfold deeper into my own truth, my own purpose here.

Now I’m eternally grateful to Andrew!

And highly recommend a mentoring session with him to get clear on your own purpose

And clear you of blockages that you may not even know or may not be willing to see!

Hi, it’s Andrew here.

Do you want amazing relationships?

Would you like to bring Intimacy, love, and deep connection back to your life? 

Well, once you untangle what forces block you from getting that, then you can begin to live a much more fulfilled life.

Your immortal soul, your original innocence, is a pure radiant piece of source energy. And it’s at the center of all these forces.

What’s happened is your soul came to this slow-moving planet to learn about free will and choice.

But also, it absorbs what happens when you DO make a choice.

And sometimes those choices form a pattern. Some of these patterns are unhealthy and get in the way of you living in love, happiness, health, and peace.

Do you want to know all your blind spots . . . all your hidden patterns?

I’ll reveal them to you in your unique “energy soul blueprint.”

In a nutshell, it’s what makes up your beautiful soul. You can call it your soul’s DNA.

And while most Astrologers and Coaches only focus on the personality. I do something else.

I use a mixture of “Gene Keys,” & “Evolutionary Soul Astrology,” to bring you clarity on your soul’s unique purpose.

Helping someone discover their true purpose, unlock their unique genius, and contribute to life, is my greatest joy — especially when I help them get clarity in minutes, instead of months or years . . .

I’ve deeply studied how to get in touch with the Soul’s intent for over 35 years now.

And I’ve gotten to untangle many energetic soul blueprints . . . in many ways.

It might be that you only need clarity on the emotional wounding patterns from childhood. Maybe you want to foster a loving relationship. I will mentor you through that using “Your Gene Keys Profile.”

It could be that you want to be more fulfilled in the world. You want to tap into your life’s destiny. If so, then I will mentor you with “Evolutionary Soul Astrology”  that reveals the main soul lessons.

The level of clarity you end up with is incredible when you know your unique blueprints – or life path, from the day you were born.

You’ll then be able to see your full potential.

So many people get to the end of their life without unfolding their Soul’s potential.

This potential is the “quiet voice” of your Soul inside that lets you know what you expect for yourself.

And no one finds peace until they start to listen and express this “quiet voice” of the Soul.

You only have to look at the world to see

Many people have riches, fame, and all of life’s so-called spoils. Yet they feel pained on the inside.

Or people who struggle through life, frustrated with all they lack from the world.

The good news is it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Wouldn’t you like to align who you are with your soul’s intention and activate real synchronicity and flow in your life?

Don’t you want to spot how you can limit your full potential?

How alive could you feel when you see the things that keep your life stuck in repeating patterns?

You can get great clarity through a session with me.



  • Your soul’s evolutionary purposes and life lessons. Where is your soul coming from, (exploring past life themes), how this may flavor current circumstances. What are the next steps in your soul’s evolution?
  • Relationships (romantic, marital, business).
  • Vocation and employment. How to align your career with the Souls evolutionary intent
  • Your children and supporting them in their Souls evolution
  • Health and wellness – Astrological and Gene Keys support for physical and mental well-being.
  • Overview of the coming year, help with your decisions, getting insights into the next phase of your life

Here’s what your mentoring session will look like……

Before I start to mentor you, I pray to be in full service of your soul.

My heart wants our sessions to bring you clarity and breakthrough.

I want you to know your Soul’s purpose.

Of course, you will have to do the inner work.

You will have to start making different choices using your free will.

It all comes down to your use of will and choice.

Next, we will unscrew your Souls Evolutionary Purpose.

We’ll dive deep and address your Soul Intentions.

Mainly what I call “stellar mind or oversoul” imprinting.

By that, I mean, you will be able to see how your current life choices give you great moments to grow.

Then, I will also use your “Gene Keys” profile.

It will shine a light on childhood and past wounding patterns. They are always chosen by our Souls to support growth.

I’ll support you in seeing the connection. I’ll show you how these wounding patterns link with your soul’s real intent for this life.

What happens often is your conscious mind can recreate what is common to you.

And that’s NOT what helps you evolve.

When you work with me, I’ll help you spot these patterns.

And why these patterns are golden insights.

They are a guide — a map for your Soul to evolve.

You can then feel the drive and zeal to create a life that reflects your Soul’s deepest intention.

When you align with your soul’s intention, synchronicity unfolds!

Each one of us longs for this flow in our inner and outer life.

Aligning with your Soul’s intent is how you do this.

And you can shave years off when we work with each other.

No more experiments

No more confusion

You get crystal clear on what your soul’s purpose is here.



What you get:

MP3 Audio recording.  Mentoring takes place in a private zoom video room. But I’ll send you an audio copy. So you can listen back and reflect on things you may have missed.

BONUS: A 30 minute follow up 10 days later to fine-tune things with you.  And I’ll make sure you are on track.

Go ahead,  schedule a meeting with me, click the DISCOVER YOUR ENERGY SOUL BLUEPRINT  >> link at the bottom of this page.

As I see it, you have three options.

First, you could try to figure this out on your own. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch Youtube clips, and hope to find the answers you seek.

Second, you do nothing. Stay at the same spot you are right now, and accept your current state.

Or third, you could give this a try, work with me, and bring back intimacy and love to your life . . . as you get crystal clear on your soul’s purpose.

I hope you follow that “quiet voice” that calls to you.


Question: Can I and my partner share one mentoring session with you?
Answer: The short answer is no. The way I work is with each of you individually. This always is the best and often leads to the most incredible breakthrough. If you do both commit to mentoring with me individually . . . I offer a FREE 60 min follow with both of you 10 days after the individual sessions to support you both.
Question: Do I have to tell my partner about my mentoring with you?
Answer:  You can choose to or not. Your call.
Question: Is it necessary for both people in a relationship to do mentoring with you?
Answer: No, both aren’t needed. Often just one person commits to the mentoring . . . breaks the childhood wounding patterns . . . and the relationship naturally evolves.
Question: Do you help with any type of relationship?
Answer: Yes anyone who “drives you crazy” or takes you away from your own peace. This can be . . . Mother, father, child, spouse, partner, ex-partner, sibling, boss, co-worker, friend, etc.

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