The Real 3rd Eye!


Often we think of the third eye as being located at the forehead between the two physical eyes. For me, the “third” means the neutral view, our inner observer that part of us beyond yin and yang, the third view.

The third view always sees beyond polarity. The third view is your consciousness before it birthed into a physical form. When I say “before” don’t think of that as yesterday or many years ago understand that consciousness is always birthing itself right now. Most of us are just caught up in what is being birthed, physical time-space. The third view is always present and will never die and was never born

With Inner Alchemy & Wu Ji Gong (Soul Cultivation) it’s never enough just to rest in the third view and say physicality is just an illusion.

We want the third view fusing its awareness into our physical embodiment so that all levels of our being functions as a holistic whole. Taoists call this a true human being.

The Soul needs to express itself in man. The real ascension is the embodiment of the multidimensional Soul here and now, moment by moment. The regular conscious practice of Wu JI Gong will make you aware of this 3rd view.

The Inner Alchemy formulas of immortality will crystalize your Soul in this dimension. That crystallization of the Soul feels like you are giving birth to this 3rd view but it’s not conceptual, now it’s a real felt sense it has substance.