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My approach on consultations is based on Evolutionary Astrology. I do not give you more information for your mind, I assist you in seeing and feeling the archetypal signatures that are appearing in your birth chart from your Soul’s deepest desires for this life.

I enter the chart first through the house and sign placement of your Pluto position as well as its opposite point. This planet shows the evolutionary intent of the Soul over many lifetimes according to Evolutionary Astrology.

Once that is clear, I then bring in the moon’s nodes, especially the south node of the moon’s house and sign placement and its planetary ruler. This will give you archetypal information about your most recent Soul incarnation.

This is not like regular astrological reading. However it’s amazingly powerful and liberating. I encourage my clients to feel the archetypal energy. Notice how it affects every small and large decision in their life

Once you have clarity about the Soul memories that are keeping you in unconscious security issues, you can consciously intend to align your personalities choices and actions with your Soul’s deepest desires. This will initiate synchronicity and flow in your life experience.
Astrology - Stellium

Here is a very simple example based on  Whitney Houston’s chart.

Any Soul with Pluto in Virgo (a generational influence). It is possible to carry Soul memories of not being good enough or of being humiliated in some way.

In this lifetime this will manifest as a constant need to learn and improve. Moreso, to get to the bottom line so as to be more effective and able to serve others and life All great Virgo qualities.

The theme becomes problematic when it’s used in a compulsive way and as a very deep unconscious security drive. (This is a key signature for Pluto, compulsiveness.)

For example, Whitney Houston has this Pluto placement of Virgo in the 7th house. She was continually plagued by thoughts and feelings of self-doubt and not being good enough.

The latest documentary about her life points to the Souls evolutionary direction it’s called “Can I Be Me.” Aries as a sign is known to be very self focused and rules the first house of individuality. I find it quite amazing how the title of her documentry points exzactly to her Souls evolutionary intent.

The opposite evolution point located in the 1st house with the Aries independent archetype shows her Soul’s deepest desire. It also shows longing for independence and self-autonomy.  This, combined with the Pisces signature, also her ascendant.

In addition, you can see that Pluto is also in close conjunction with Mercury the ruler of Virgo – all close to the descendant.

So, we see the Virgo Libra signatures enhanced and duplicated.  Whitney’s Soul chose intense relationships and a critical self-deprecating thought process internally (Virgo) as part of her Soul’s evolutionary growth and intent

The sign and house exactly 180 degrees opposite Pluto is the evolutionary direction Whitney’s Soul wants to move towards.

In this case, Pisces shows the evolutionary intent which is to recognize her connection to all of life  (Pisces). That she is perfect just as she is. In her case, she used this opposite point in its most destructive way. She does this by escaping the deeper feelings of unworthiness with drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, this eventually led to her death.

Also, the 5th house North Node in cancer again duplicates the fire and water archetypes that Whitney’s Soul was intending.

The 5th house is the creative expression of the Sun itself. Her most recent immediate past life is reflected by the south node in the 11th house and Capricorn suggests a more serious and Soul memory of responsibility to the larger collective. (11th House)

This was continued as an unconscious factor in her life.

Whitney’s career supported all of her extended family.  She most probably felt a pang of unconscious guilt (Pluto in Virgo) and social responsibility. She also felt the social obligation South node in 11th house in Capricorn to do this.

If I could have whispered in Whitney’s ear when she was just starting out on her career, I would have said something like this……

“These thoughts and feelings of self-doubt are just Soul memories. You don’t need to fix these or try and change them. Just watch these memories and thoughts arising. Focus instead on your beautiful voice and how you can connect people and yourself to the universe ( Pisces/Neptune) and recognize your own perfection. Even negative thoughts feelings are OK and part of GOD. You are perfect Whitney”.The more you follow your first instinctual feeling about important decisions  (Aries), without having to run it by others (Libra), your life will evolve in the right direction.  Let go of feeling responsible for others (South node in Capricorn). Nurture and self-trust your own creativity, (North Node in Cancer 5th house).

It’s our identification and judgments that these negative thoughts and feelings are wrong that makes them so powerful in our psyche and creates the Soul lessons.

The Pisces & Aries Archetypes holds Whitney Houston’s Souls evolutionary intent and deepest desire for this life.

I offer in-depth consultations where we can explore together your Soul’s deepest desires for this life and how you can align your personality’s choices and actions with that.

This always awakens more synchronicity and flow in your life.

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With Love Andrew Keneth Fretwell