Why WuJi Gong?


 There are a lot of good reasons to practice WuJiGong and I spoke about some of them on my page https://deeanalehtinen.com .

However, I would like to add one more, an important one: as a therapist and coach, WuJi Gong is a practice that I would recommend any time, to anyone.

I consider always carefully what practices-exercises-therapies would best fit to- & benefit a certain client.

There are always a lot of parameters to pay attention to: the client´s age, background, physical-emotional-mental state, his/hers belief-system and values, etc. The same approach can be a success with a client and a total ineffective one for another.

Therefore I take it seriously to find the best options for my clients. That being said, I am happy to have learned and practiced for long WuJiGong. So far, WuJiGong is THE practice that can be always recommended, without fearing

that it might harm, exhaust, unbalance or confuse the client´s body or mind.

There are a lot of effective techniques out there. I practice and teach some of them. However, many of them require either a good physical form, or a very open mind, a certain emotional state, high cognitive capabilities and so on.

Or all of those!

In the most of cases, for a practice to work, the client must tick some important boxes.

WuJiGong is available to everyone, form 3 to 103 and it works for everyone, in one´s individual and unique rhythm. It doesn´t require a fit body, neither a very sharp mind. Those are definitely important assets and huge advantages, but WuJiGong works, with or without them. Even someone suffering from memory loss can mimic the movements, in case he/she can not memorize them. Even someone in a wheelchair can still practice WuJiGong, so long that one´s mind works. Practicing WuJiGong in your mind is (almost) equally effective as practicing it through your body. Even if one´s body is in pain, and these days many people suffer from pain-disorders, one can still practice WuJiGong. It is SO gentle! WuJiGong is, before anything else, a dance with the universal energy, A harmonizing dance.

My first experience with WuJiGong is still vivid and strongly anchored in my memory, even after all these years.  It didn´t feel like I was learning a new movements-chain, but as my body was remembering a magic dance I once knew….

I never forgot – I probably never will – that amazing experience.

And no, I am not one that practices every day, neither many times per day, but -again uniquely- WuJiGong is a practice that never vanishes from one´s cell-memory. The experience is every time energizing, but also warm and gentle and profoundly spiritual. Every single time.

It´s like going home. Every time.

It´s like finding out again and again something new and something really old and wise and special about you, within you…..

I plan for the next year to work more with people suffering from depression. It´s a depression epidemic around world nowadays. When making my plan, WuJi Gong came first in my mind, as being THE practice that would make it, even with this client´s group. If you ever met, or lived with a depressed person, you know that such an individual´s energy reservoir is almost empty. Of course, there are a number of other practices that would help, but considering depression, I think that WuJi Gong is one of the best options. It requires the smallest effort for the numerous benefits it offers.

WuJi Gong is mindfulness in motion, is getting your mind, body and soul in the same place, in the same moment and it makes peace within you, with you, with all that you are.

(However, as with all complementary practices, remember to ask medical advice whenever you need health related recommendation. WuJi Gong is not a miracle, neither a medical technique, but is is a practice that will make our life a lot better, if you decide to integrate it as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.)

Give it a try! You are worth it!

Deeana Lehtinen – coach, therapist, well being specialist