Andrew Fretwell a native of the United Kingdom spent his early years as a professional musician. At age 21 he had a powerful spiritual experience that changed his perception of the world around him.

It was the on-going challenge of grounding that experience in his day to day life that led him to different teachers and systems of self-cultivation.

In 1985 he met his main Taoist teacher Mantak Chia and received from him the Seven Alchemical Formulas for Immortality transmitted to Mantak Chia by the breatharian hermit One Cloud.

Studying with Mantak Chia Andrew realized the importance of the physical and emotional bodies in being refined containers for the very high frequencies of our spirit and began to specialize in Chi Nei Tsang (CNT).

CNT is a very simple bodywork approach that focuses primarily on providing an unconditional supportive touch to the nervous system and abdomen. This touch allows the receiver to become conscious of hidden emotional charges that are the underlying cause of all symptoms.

Andrew has since then experienced thousands of bodies under his hands, as well as training many professionals  in this approach. His deep passion was to find a way to teach all of his years of experience and refine it down so anyone can receive the same life enhancing results. Original Feeling Touch (OFT) is his latest simplifying approach to unconditional touch.

Andrew is also the founder of WuJi Gong- A Worldwide Awakening. www.wuji-gong,org  a non-profit organization that has now spread to 17 countries around the world. Wuji Gong is a very simple to learn but extremely powerful living transmission of Qi Gong that opens up the space of Wu Wei (effortless non doing) when you practice.

For the last three years Andrew has been very active in sharing the Gene Keys transmission in Europe and invited Richard Rudd to Romania in September of 2014 where the book has now been translated and offered to the Romanian people.