with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

The evolutionary intent of the wood phase within each human soul is to keep on expanding its perspective and understanding of life until the mind of the individual soul becomes one with the mind of nature. We can say the univesral mind.

The human rational mind and nervous system ruled by the wood phase and in its less evolved condition takes sides and identifies with opinions and judgments. These identified opinions and judgments are created as a response to the uncertainty of life. (WATER PHASE) felt deeply in our body and bones, we carry the unconsious fears of our ancestors.

The personal and ancestral fears stored in the body carry this memory of how life is inherently uncertain/ (Water creates and feeds  Wood in the creation cycle)  see images above.

Once the human soul starts to penetrate the body with consiousness (Fire penetrating Water )  We bring our attention to the body and how it feels living in a world of change and uncertainty.

As we do this we aknowlege our own fears and how the sensations in the body need to be felt.
As we do this the mind starts to become more free and less attached to any fixed view. becaise it is not being driven by the need to defend its own uncertainy. 

This can easily be faked if the body is bypassed and awareness only penetrates the actual mental thinking process,  It’s only by penetrating the actual body that the fear (Water) can be transmuted into awarenss.

Our rational mind are very flexibe and sharp mental acurity  (Wood) now supports the development of consciousness itself ( Wood feeds and supports Fire) or when less evolved the Wood feeds the impatience and extreme judgments and arrogance of the heart. 

Here is how a friend Amy Lyn Pratyahara  of mine from Light Path Wellness describes this proccess from her perspective. I think its an excellent explanation of the above from her personal life expereince. 

“I’ve experienced such a wide spectrum of points of view and how I perceive the basic components of the nuts and bolts of life and decisions about my life and health over the years.

The best advice I ever got..and it sticks with me to this day -was when a friend told me to be careful what I accept or believe to be absolute unwavering truth about something because that can change.

And of course it does. For all of us. Even for Sciene and how the Immune System is viewed and believed to function.

This friend probably has no idea the impact she had on me and how I remind myself of this frequently.  It has served me well.

Points of view are just that. And from a certain vantage point, all views are real and true.

Do you remember believing something at one time maybe when you were younger -and now you realize you don’t see it that way at all? Or perhaps you have a broadened or more widely Informed perspective.

What I have noticed about myself and all humans really…is that we often form an opinion and THEN go out looking consciously or unconsciously for proof to back up that opinion.

And guess what it works every time. With a preconceived viewpoint you will always find proof to back it up.

That is the beauty and frustration of the nature of this reality.

You can use this to your advantage or benefit and for very expansive forms of creating – OR – it can create a very small prison for us that locks us into separate boxes arguing with each other ad nauseam. 

The only real truth is that Truth is a Paradox.

Have you ever explored this concept of paradox or experienced it first hand?

It’s a super wild ride to be sure. It obliterates any black and white thinking.

It helps us see that we are not FIXED dots on a piece of paper rather, we are expansive co-creators of holistic multidimensional paradigms of experience.

So let’s back up again before getting too heady here. Lol

When I was a child. I thought like a child. I acted like a child.

Now I have put off childish things.

The kingdom belongs to the children.

There you go. A Paradox.

What is a child like?

To be childLIKE is to be filled with wonder.
To be so IN BODY that emotions run freely.
To make friends easily. To tolerate differing viewpoints easily (until they learn differently as a model).

Putting off childISH things could mean realizing that we are not the Center of the Universe. That there is this thing called Service to others. And this is fulfilling. That lives are enhanced by a flower garden of diversity.

And YET we ARE the center of the Universe. (Another Paradox).

Again. Our viewpoint creates our reality.


Some feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Everything they see, feel and hear supports that reality.

Some people see the world evolving and growing and becoming ever more beautiful. Everything they see, feel and hear supports that reality.

When I was a child my parents decided what to do with regard to my health. Utterly. All the way until age 18. I had no say. I trusted them.

All sorts of things happened as a result of that from getting measles from the vaccine to getting steel rods placed along my spine that remain there today. That surgery gave me a staph infection and the subsequent antibiotics given intravenously for 8 weeks gave me systemic candida, digestive issues, rashes, passing out after eating with small children present, depression, menstrual cycle irregularity, etc.

My parents did the best they could with what they knew and believed at the time.

As a result of this journey I had the opportunity to fully explore natural ways of healing and to really contemplate for myself what it means to thrive and not just survive.

I have feared death.
I have examined life.
I have observed humans prolonging death and calling it prolonging life.
I have learned to trust my body.
To heal.
I am learning to trust Life again.
To support me.
No matter what.

I have a dream where we live in Peace
Our Diversity
And we Listen
Alot more
To each other
Really listen….

To what is being felt behind the words.

There are many painful stories I could share about my life experiences that led me to this dream.

But what matters most is that I deeply care about YOU.

Whether you agree or disagree with me.
No matter what your religion is.
No matter your Political Affiliation.

What you wonder and ponder matters.
Your deepest dreams and fears matter.

Sending love to all who read this